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It’s heating up at Bedford Phoenix Whyalla!

Being a customer owned bank, we are often the first to know about things going on in the community so when we heard about the lack of “hot air” in the workshop at Bedford Phoenix Whyalla [1], we couldn’t wait to help.

It all came down to air conditioning. The 53 staff employed at the workshop were struggling in the freezing winter weather.

“A lot of people who work for us with disabilities have issues with joints and their dexterity so when it’s cold everything doesn’t work as well as it could,” said Tim Breuer, Bedford Group’s Regional Manager Eyre Peninsula.

We decided to get the ball rolling with a $10,000 contribution to a new gas heating system.

The rest of the community pitched in and an amazing $40,000 was donated!

“We held a switching on event for the staff and the heating has made a huge difference to our workshop,” said Tim.

“We need a working environment that people want to be in.

“The air conditioning has just added to what is a fantastic opportunity for people to have a positive life where they can contribute to society and the community.

“It isn’t the old sheltered workshop environment anymore. It’s a business like anyone else and coming to work allows our staff to contribute to the local economy and also to broaden their social networks and have opportunity to make new friends.

“It’s now a comfortable space and a few of the staff even wear T shirts to work now!

“We are hugely grateful for the contribution Beyond Bank has made in kick starting our fund raising.”

Bedford Phoenix is now considering its next projects and admits it has a long wishlist.

For now, all of us here say a big thank you for letting us get involved. We are so glad we could help.