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Rewarding the Community – Edmund Rice Camps

Congratulations to the supporters of Edmund Rice Camps in WA, you’ve help them raise over $3,800 just by saving your money in a Community Reward Account.

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About Edmund Rice Camps

Edmund Rice Camps offers camps to children aged between 7-16 who are at risk or are experiencing some form of disadvantage.

Children come from many different backgrounds including:

  • Living in a foster family home or with a relative
  • Living below the poverty line severe financial disadvantage
  • Who have a family member with a disability or mental illness
  • From refugee and indigenous backgrounds

For every child in care at the camps there is one leader to provide that child with a close friend, positive role model and mentor.

Edmund Rice Camps relies on the support of the community through donations, volunteers and other people who are willing to go beyond for their community.

Meet Rebekah who talks about her experience with Edmund Rice Camps and encourages others to volunteer.

To find out more about how this account can help your favourite cause contact us on 13 25 85.