5 fantastic fundraising ideas for schools

Whether it’s an upgrade to the IT department, new sports equipment, additional teacher assistants, or a brand new library, schools are always eyeing up the next facility or feature they can offer students for a better educational environment.

That’s why extra fundraising efforts from staff, students or their parents are always a welcome addition to a school’s cashflow.

Here are 5 fantastic fundraising ideas you can suggest for your local school!

1. Art auctions

When was the last time you treated yourself to a look through high school students’ art portfolios? You will very likely be amazed at the incredible quality of these artworks, whether they’re elaborate paintings on canvas or charcoal sketches on paper.

An art auction of work by senior students can be a fantastic way to encourage artistic learning, show students how valuable their skills really are, and raise funds for the school all at once. Be sure to agree on a percentage to give to the student in question, and invite a crowd to bid on these wonderful pieces of art.

2. School-wide garage sale

Everybody has things at home that they don’t really need or use anymore. It could be clothes, furniture, appliances, or even just books and DVDs. The hard part is finding the time to actually sell or give away these items, which is why getting together as a school can make it much easier.

Many parents would be happy to donate items, and others may prefer to take a percentage of the sale price on larger pieces. Either way, using the school grounds to host a massive ‘garage sale’ for the entire community can help clear out old items and generate funds for the school at the same time.

3. Teacher talent shows

If the teachers are game enough, a concert or talent show put on by the staff can be a hilarious and sure-fire way to easily raise funds.

Naturally, every student in the school will want to watch their teachers acting silly on stage, and will happily pay a fee for the privilege. By using the school’s auditorium and music department to host the event, it won’t cost much at all to run, but can generate some serious cashflow.

4. School recipe book

A good family recipe is often a well-kept secret, but when it comes to fundraising, most families will be happy to share their best.

Ask students to bring in their best family recipes, then decide upon a few dozen to turn into a school recipe book. Be sure to include images and quick bios about the contributors, then sell the books to students’ and teachers’ families and friends. Such books are both practical and meaningful, so they can literally sell like hot cakes!

5. Babysitting evenings

What’s the one thing all parents of young kids are in need of? A little time off.

Both teachers and older students can participate in this fundraising activity by offering group babysitting evenings. Use the school’s classrooms to host movie nights for younger kids where the parents can drop them off for a few hours of rest at a reasonable hourly fee.

Finally, keep in mind that being charitable can be as easy as doing a little saving. When you open a Community Reward Account with us, we donate a percentage of your annual average balances to an initiative of your choice! This year, the highest participating school gained $11,000 in funding simply through people saving money. It’s a win-win!