How to bag a bargain on your holiday flights

Sand and sun, snow and warm fireplaces – not matter your holiday preference, there’s no doubt you have your eye on one right now.

So how can you manage to fit travel into your budget? Take a look at these awesome tips on getting a break for a bargain!

Take a holiday in November

Skyscanner is one of the biggest flight booking sites in the game, and according to their studies, November is the cheapest time of year to fly. You’ll save as much as 12 per cent on average compared to other times, and there are plenty of awesome places to visit around Australia and the world before the silly season hits (which happens to be the most expensive time to travel).

Clear your cookies

The cookies on your computer is information that a website creates that is then stored on your browser. Usually, this means your data will be stored for future visits, for example if you keep your username information on that site it will make it easier to sign in next time.

However, some flight websites will store this data, then use it to bump up the price when you search for a flight more than once – so be sure to clear your cookies in between searches (this is usually found under your menu – history tab).

The 54-day rule

According to a CheapAir study of more than a billion airfares over a one-year period, the best time to book flights is exactly 54 days before take-off. That’s when the price is at its lowest, but the study results went on to explain that it’s only an average, and there were many times when the best bargains were to be had between 50 and 60 days prior to flying. Plus, last minute flights can also offer some great deals!

Know that you can’t always grab a bargain

Not all airports and destinations will drop prices. For example, anyone wanting to fly to and from Sydney over New Year’s probably won’t be seeing a price drop any time soon, as airlines know these seats will fill up no matter what. Bargain prices generally only occur on off-peak travel times and during normal working weeks.

Search multiple stops separately

It’s a little-known trick that if you put in a little extra research and check out prices for individual flights, you might save some cash on longer trips. For example, imagine that you want to fly from Brisbane to Auckland but want a stopover to visit friends in Sydney first. You might actually find a cheaper itinerary if you look up those routes individually rather than through a ‘multi-stop’ function on a flight comparison website.

Don’t forget that as soon as you book your flights, you should also be looking at travel insurance for your trip. This small extra cost can save you big time in the long run!

It’s also a good idea to organise some foreign cash to take with you. Having cash on you when travelling makes it easier to pay for things like taxis and meals when on the go. A Cash Passport is another great option when travelling as it gives you access to up to 10 currencies on a debit card.

Once you have everything you need, you can enjoy a stress free holiday!