Congratulations to Yarredi

Congratulations to the supporters of Yarredi in Port Lincoln, you’ve helped to raise over $2,500 just by saving your money in a Community Reward Account.

The Community Reward Account is unique way to raise funds for not-for-profit and community organisations. It relies on supporters of causes, like Yarredi, who save their money in this account.

The more you save, the more funds Beyond Bank will invest back to these causes who need it most. This year over 300 community groups will receive a share of over $390,000.

Open an account and start saving for a cause you’re passionate about and Beyond Bank will make a donation on your behalf.

About Yarredi Services

Yarredi provides services to women and children affected by or at risk of domestic violence by providing families with emergency housing, counselling and therapy for children.

Beyond Bank recently provided a $12,500 community grant to provide a much needed upgrade to the grounds at Yarredi. This will make a bright and engaging area for the children to play and families to share.

My team are volunteering their time to help upgrade the facilities. You are welcome to join us either by volunteering your time, saving your money or by making a donation. Come and see the team at Port Lincoln and find out a way you can support these families in our community.