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Online banking that lets you reach your financial goals

Most of us are usually saving for something. It might be a new computer or TV or perhaps one of life’s big purchases like a car, a house, a holiday.

Whatever it is, it’s easy to have financial goals but not so easy to reach them sometimes or keep track of your progress.

At Beyond Bank we like to think that setting and achieving goals is more around getting the most out of life, not just about the notion of simply putting money away!

This is why we have created this new tool within Internet Banking that you can use to keep you motivated so all your hard working money can give you the luxuries that you know you deserve!

We’ve recently added a new feature to our already popular Beyond Finance Manager [1] in Internet Banking. And we’ve called it something very simple, goals [1]!

Beyond Finance Manager [1] is already set up to allow you to keep track of your banking, your money coming in and your money going out so you always know where you’re at.

Goals is an addition to this budget planning feature and lets you choose a goals target date so that it can map out a savings plan, tell you how much you need to save and importantly, how long it will take.

Early feedback has been great as it helps you commit to a goal, stick to a goal and keep the discipline going even when your will power may be lacking.

And of course, the feeling you get when you achieve your financial goal makes it all worthwhile. Goals puts you in control.

Think of it this way. Beyond Bank Goals is like your personal trainer, only its money not muscles you’re working out. Visit Internet Banking [2] and get saving!

– Joseph Marafioti