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5 items you should never scrimp on

There’s nothing quite like a great bargain However, there are certain situations where a sale price is a good thing, but saving on a cheap version of the item won’t do you any favours at all.

Even if you’re short on cash or saving up for a holiday, there are some things that you simply can’t afford to buy cheaply. A personal loan [1] can help you bridge the gap whenever you need it – here are five items you might want to use one for.

1. A safe car

There’s a catch-22 when buying a vehicle.

On one hand, most cheap cars will get you from A to B just as easily as a Ferrari. On the other, cars with ABS braking, new tyres, and power steering will get you there far more safely.

Spending a little more during the purchase stage can easily save you further down the track too, as a new car with the latest safety features won’t likely need replacement parts any time soon. Car loans [2] may be an option that can help you cover the initial cost, then you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your car is as reliable and secure as possible.

2. A good mattress

We spend about a third of our lives asleep – so it should come as no surprise that a quality mattress is an important part of everyday life. Everyone prefers different levels of softness, but it’s important to looks for one that supports your back and ensures you get a good night’s sleep.

If your current mattress feels lumpy, sags, or leaves you with aches and pains the next morning, it may be time to invest in a new one.

3. A personal computer or laptop

If you’re part of the 94 per cent of Aussie households [3] with a laptop or personal computer at home, you’ll know the joys of a device that works as it should – and the frustrations of one that doesn’t.

Buying an old second-hand piece of tech can be something of a gamble, as many devices can malfunction, run slowly, run out of battery, or simply no longer work at all after a few years of use.

When you buy new, you at least know that you’ve got a warranty on the item that will ensure it lasts a certain number of years.

However, since these items can quickly run into the four-figures, some people will simply opt for the most affordable device in the store. Before you settle for the most budget-friendly option, be sure to check that it ticks all the boxes. For example, a laptop with a quad-core processor may cost more, but it should run faster and more smoothly than a dual-core option. A device with a smaller screen may be more affordable, but it might quickly become irritating if you’re using it to watch movies on at home.

4. Shoes

It’s a common saying that you should never be frugal about anything that comes between you and the ground, and this is certainly true for shoes.

Be sure to buy shoes that fit properly, support your feet, and don’t leave you with aching areas or blisters. This is especially true for sports shoes, at they will need to support your feet and body through additional demands. Asics and New Balance sneakers can cost a few hundred for a high-end pair, but your feet will thank you for it.

5. Insurance

Going on holiday and would prefer to spend your travel savings on souvenirs rather than insurance? It may pay to check your priorities – full travel insurance [4] can be surprisingly affordable, and it can seriously save you in an unfortunate travel accident.

After all, even though lost luggage figures are at an all-time low, it still sits at roughly seven lost bags for every 1,000 passengers, according to SITA, the world’s leading air transport communications company. It’s better simply not to take your chances!