BubDesk – making life a whole lot easier for busy parents

Sometimes the best ideas can be right in front of us and that was definitely the case for Meg Burrage as she watched her toddler Oliver run around while she contemplated re-entering corporate life.

The juggle of managing it all and needing to be in two places at once, at home and at work, was the problem.

And that’s when Meg came up with BubDesk.

“I was thinking of how to get corporate women back into the workplace,” said Meg.

“I came up with the idea of providing a co-working space with a crèche so that parents weren’t too far away from their children, but far enough to concentrate and get some work done.”

Meg found just the right place in Northbridge and with friend and now business partner Asha, set about creating the perfect environment with an office area on one floor and a fully operational crèche on another.

“Small business owners and freelancers were so quick to tap into the idea and we quickly had thirty regular people using our space some with babies as young as three months,” said Meg.

“The office area has wifi, meeting rooms, areas to invite clients, while on the other floor parents could visit their babies, feed them and comfort them.

“Having a corporate background in logistics really helped as there was so much to coordinate but it has gone really well and we are now planning to open in Perth’s CBD to cater for the bigger companies who need support nearby.”

And that’s where Beyond Bank Australia comes in.

Meg applied and was successful in receiving a $20,000 grant to expand BubDesk and still can’t believe the good news.

“It was nice to hear that someone like Beyond Bank really believed in our vision,” said Meg.

Well done Meg.. Beyond Bank is thrilled to support such an innovative community entrepreneur!

Entrepreneur Grants – Applications are now open! (July 2017)

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  1. Vicky

    Fantastic idea well done to these two intelligent women and Beyond Bank Australia for supporting such a valuable concept.

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