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Dragons Abreast season has opened!

Sunday 30th October marked the season opening for Dragons Abreast in Port Lincoln [1]. I had the honour of “dotting the eye” on their dragon boat which represents the awaking of the dragon and of course their season.

Dragons Abreast is a national organisation comprised of breast cancer survivors (and some very special supporters) of various ages from a great variety of backgrounds, athletic abilities and interests.

About Dragons Abreast

In 1996, Dr. Don McKenzie, developed a program to determine the impact of exercise on breast cancer survivors, choosing dragon boat paddling as the epitome of strenuous, repetitive upper body exercise. He trained twenty-four breast cancer volunteers in a gym for three months, introduced them to dragon boats and taught them paddling techniques. At the end of the three-month season on the water none of the volunteers had lymphedema.

On behalf of the Port Lincoln Dragons Abreast supporters, Beyond Bank has made a  donation of $2,950 – these supporters save their money in a Community Reward Account [2].

Our Community Reward Account is a unique way to raise funds for not-for-profits. It relies on supporters of a club or cause.

The more money they save in this account, the more funds Beyond Bank [3] will donate annually back to these causes (at no cost to the supporters). This year over 300 groups received a share of over $390,000.

Open an account [4] and start saving, you’ll earn a great interest rate and you’ll support a cause you’re passionate about.

To find out more about how this account contact us on 13 25 85.