Pegasus Charity Golf Day

The Pegasus Charity Golf Day held on Thursday 24 November was a fun day for all involved. The weather was perfect, with a slight breeze and plenty of sunshine.

Beyond Bank’s team, Beyond Par, entered three of its own finest golfers (Brad Markwart, Adam Williams and Dan Vittorio), as well as Peter Phillips from Lennock Motors, Beyond Bank’s corporate fleet vehicle supplier. After a tasty egg and bacon roll, the team jumped into their golf carts and headed to hole 12 to commence.

Brad was first to tee off and his first drive was clean and sounded the part. Dan followed with a pretty decent strike. The opening holes were used to settle into proceedings and adjust swings, select the right clubs and make fun of each other. After a few holes, the team found their feet and started striking some clean balls…well most of the team anyway. Adam had brought his own set of clubs so was clearly a cut above the rest of the team, purely because he was wearing a glove and had the right shoes. Peter started off well but as the day progressed he and the team starting swinging some shockers.

We stopped for lunch at the clubhouse around 1 pm, rehydrated and headed back out for the afternoon. The wind picked up on the front 9 holes making a clean drive hard to achieve, although the general lack of skill pretty much sorted that out. Overall, we achieved a few on par holes and many a hole was 2 or 3 over par, but hey, we were there for a good time and to raise money for a good cause.

In the end, we had fun and supporting Pegasus and what they provide in terms of support and opportunities for children in the local community is what it’s all about. Being a dad of two young boys, it’s great knowing that should anything happen to my family, there’s always a support network to tap into. Beyond Bank is all about giving back to the community and these types of initiatives are excellent. The Beyond Par team will be back again next year for sure!