5 new car technologies to look out for

If you’re looking to buy a new car in the near future, you may be surprised at the kinds of technology on offer.

Car manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and wonderful ways to use car technology to create a safer, more secure, and more enjoyable drive everywhere you go. Here are five of the top new car technologies appearing over the next few years to look out for!

  1. Biometric access

Using biometrics, such as fingerprint or retina scanning may seem like something from a futuristic movie, but it’s entirely possible that this technology will soon be used for unlocking and starting your car.

Both retina and fingerprint scanners are in the works with several car manufacturers, and the technology should help ensure that only the owner or authorised persons are able to enter and start the car. This is a high-tech security feature that should help reduce the chance of car theft!

  1. Active window displays

Imagine looking through your windshield and seeing a highlighted arrow pointing to the next turnoff you need to take to reach your destination. This is just one of the possibilities of active window displays.

Much like Ironman’s helmet, this type of display would light up in front of you without obstructing your view of the roads. It could be anything from directions, to vehicle speed and petrol levels. While most of these options won’t add anything new to the features currently available in some cars, they may help make your driving experience safer by keeping your eyes and attention away from a GPS unit or speedometer on your dashboard.

  1. Remote vehicle shut down

The ability to shut down a vehicle remotely is already available on a handful of makes and models. This technology is a safety feature that would allow vehicle owners to shut down a vehicle at the push of a button, which would literally halt a thief in their tracks. Note that this wouldn’t cause a car to screech to a halt and potentially endanger other vehicles and people within the vicinity, instead it’s likely the engine would be disabled the next time the vehicle comes to a stop (such as at traffic lights). Alternately, it would slowly bring the car to a stop, allowing the driver to avoid collisions.

While this technology is largely still in the works for most cars, it’s one that could put a stop to dangerous police chases completely.

  1. In-car internet

It’s hard to imagine a time when you don’t have to worry about running out of data on your mobile phone – especially if you’re using it for Wi-Fi GPS directions.

However, it might not be long before your vehicle is its own internet hotspot, and you can simply connect whenever you get into the car. Chrysler and Ford already offer models with this capability, and some internet providers are creating hardware that can be installed in any car for the same features. Either way, it will be a huge benefit for passengers looking to catch up on their emails during the ride, or for drivers who rely on the web for maps and destination information.

  1. Self-driving cars

No list of new car technologies would be complete without the advent of self-driving cars.

Several companies such as BMW and Tesla have already released driverless cars, and it has been predicted by BI Intelligence estimates that as many as 10 million of these types of vehicles will be on the roads by 2020. The major benefit is that when you remove human error from the equation, there may very well be fewer crashes on the roads.

If these new car technologies are starting to make your old car feel a little out of date, take a look at a new car loan to help you upgrade to the 21st century!