Australia’s top 3 road trips to take with your new car

The very first thing you often want to do when you buy a new car is take it for a drive. This will help get you acquainted with how it drives and all its features, and it will also offer a great sense of achievement that you get from making a big purchase.

Australia is easily one of the most beautiful places on the planet, so here are three of the best road trips in the country to take those set of wheels out for a spin.

The Great Ocean Road

Arguably the most famous road trip in the country, the Great Ocean Road is a scenic trip between Torquay and Allansford in Victoria.

This 243-kilometre stretch of road winds its way around the coastline and, as it was dedicated to fallen soldiers of WW1, it is the world’s largest war memorial. Along the way, you’ll visit the Twelve Apostles, shipwrecks, waterfalls, surfing mecca Bells Beach, villages and townships and plenty more. While you can complete it in just a day, aim to stretch it out so you have plenty of time to enjoy each attraction.

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Sydney to Brisbane

If you’re keen for a longer roadie, the drive between Brisbane and Sydney will take just over 10 hours all up – meaning you’ll definitely be well acquainted with your new car by the time you get there and back.

This route is also known as the Pacific Coast, and is packed with incredible beaches, funky towns, cafes, bars, walking tracks and more. You could feasibly drive the whole thing one way over the space of two days, but your best bet is to spend four or five days going in one direction to allow enough time at each stop.

The Great Barrier Reef Drive

Queensland car buyers can try this Cairns to Cape Tribulation trip, a drive of just over 140 kilometres that should take just three hours all up.

While still something of a lesser-known road trip, the sheer beauty of this route won’t be a secret for long. The Daintree Rainforest is a huge drawcard, as is the Great Barrier Reef, a must-see for any Australian. Port Douglas and the Mossman Gorge are also real highlights, and despite the short driving time, it’s best to give yourself a few days at minimum to take it all in.

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