Blyth Cinema

The Blyth Cinema was established in May 2005 in the old Masonic Lodge Hall and purchased by a local couple to provide a theatre to the local community.

blyth-cinemaThe theatre was built by a group of 30 local volunteers and now caters for 105 people, with over 15,000 patrons attending each year.  It was totally run and operated by a roster of local community volunteers for the first 11 years. A part time paid manager is now employed to allow an increase in screening sessions and to manage volunteers.  All improvements come from profits from movie screenings.

Movies are normally screened Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings and regularly during school holidays, however, they also take group bookings at other times.

The cinema now has a new projector of equal standard to cinemas in the city which was also funded by the local community.

The Blyth Cinema won a SA Regional Community Award in 2007 and a National Community Award in 2008. With the town population being only 300, this regional community has made this theatre a wonderful success!

If you would like to get on board and support the Blyth Cinema, you can simply open a Community Reward Account with Beyond Bank.

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If you would like to support Blyth Cinema through the Beyond Bank Community Reward Account, drop into the Beyond Bank Branch at 305A Main North Road Clare, or visit for more information.