How to get the best deal when buying online

Every four weeks, roughly four out of 10 Australians will buy something online, and as a country, we’ll spend an estimated $37.8 billion throughout the year, according to Roy Morgan data. That’s a lot of online shopping, and while the countless advantages of purchasing from your own home are not to be denied, it’s important to look for ways to find the best deals online.

Grabbing a good deal can create savings, and using a debit card or low interest rate credit card to make the purchase can save you even more. Here are few top ways to track down the best deal on the internet the next time you shop.

Google search for vouchers

Imagine you are about to purchase a t-shirt from an online retail store called ‘T-shirts R US’.

Before you hit that purchase button, type “T-shirts R US voucher” into Google. This will run a search and come up with any discount codes that might be relevant. Sometimes the codes will be out of date, but it’s not at all uncommon to find promotion codes that you can use to save a few dollars off your purchase.

Fill your virtual cart – then abandon it

If the retail site has a contact email address for you, you can take advantage of their automated systems to secure a deal.

First, ensure you are signed in to your online account. Then, add the items you want to your shopping cart. Finally, close the window. The online store now knows that you are considering making a purchase, so they may send you a voucher to your email address to help push you over the line to buy what’s in the cart.

Don’t purchase just for free shipping

You will have undoubtedly seen retail sites that offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

If you are already planning to purchase that much – great. If not, don’t be tempted into filling your cart above that amount just for this perk, as you may end up spending more than you originally intended even if you did have to pay for shipping.

Pay with credit cards

When you pay with credit cards, you may be able to make the purchase without incurring interest if your purchase is eligible for the interest free period. This means you can earn interest on your money whilst you use the bank’s to make the purchase (just don’t forget to pay off the balance of your card before the interest free period expires). You may also accrue points or special rewards simply from using them to shop online if you have a rewards card. This can make that shopping deal that much sweeter.

Be sure to compare credit cards when signing up for a new one to ensure you get the best deal when using it to shop online.


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