How to get the most mileage out of your new car

When you get something new, whether it be a new pair of shoes or a new coffee maker, it’s almost everyone’s natural instinct to want to try to keep it new for as long as possible. You take extra care to step around puddles or to clean the filter religiously. But once that purchase gets even bigger – like when you purchase a new car – the desire to extend the lifespan is even more prudent.

Check out our tips for keeping your car running as smooth as possible for as long as possible.

Get a car that’s right for you

Before you even get the car, make sure you’re getting a car that you can actually take care of. Be sure that your personal car loan payments are within your budget so you don’t get stuck being unable to pay for basic bills. If you start to miss bills you’ll not only tank your credit, but your car will start to feel the stress when you can’t put the proper TLC into it!

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Don’t ignore the warning lights

Is there a warning light blinking on your dashboard? Don’t ignore it, look into it! Many make the mistake of driving when those lights are on, but in reality you should be driving straight to your mechanic once they come on. However, if you start to hear weird noises or feel that something is off when you drive, don’t wait for the lights and get it checked out.

Routinely check liquids

Just like you, cars need fluid to run efficiently. Be sure to keep an eye on the fluid levels of transmission, power steering, brakes, antifreeze and windshield washer. These ensure that your parts are maintained and protected from wear and tear.

Keep tyres full

Tyres are actually a crucial part of keeping your car running smoothly (and that’s not just because it’s near impossible to drive on a flat tyre). But think about it, you need your tyres to be firm in order to get the best mileage, you actually lose fuel efficiency if they’re too soft!

Be a responsible driver

Perhaps the easiest way to keep your vehicle running smoothly is to simply treat it well. Don’t push the car past its limits by accelerating too quickly or taking turns on two wheels. If you want a race car, get a race car, otherwise obey those traffic laws!

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