How to get one of the three most fuel efficient cars in 2017

Petrol prices are constantly fluctuating – January 2017 saw the most expensive increase in petrol prices in 18 months to about 134 cents for unleaded in capital cities, according to the Australian Institute of Petroleum report. That means you should find a car that won’t guzzle the gas or more importantly, your money.

Here are three of the most fuel efficient cars available to the Australian market this year, as well as some tips on how you can make one your own with a personalised car loan!

Day dreaming about fuel efficient cars? Here are some of the best on the market!

  1. Suzuki Alto

If you’re a city dweller then the Suzuki Alto is an ideal car for zipping around narrow CBD streets. Prices start at $13,990 and with 5.2L/100km taking 95 premium fuel, the annual petrol cost rings in at about $1,248. Now you only have to worry about where to park to avoid a ticket!

  1. Toyota Prius V

A family looking for fuel efficiency should look no further than the Toyota Prius V. This family friendly car price begins at $35,990, with a fuel type of 95 premium at 4.4L/100km – that’s only $1,056 a year for petrol. Pile on in to this car for everything from football practice to weekend camping getaways.

  1. Audi A3 sedan

Let’s say you want some luxury in your life – then it’s the Audi A3 sedan for sure. At $39,800, this car does 4.7L/100km taking 95 premium with a fuel cost of $1,128. Now you can feel good about your luxury purchase.

Tips for making these cars your own

Step number one in purchasing a fuel efficient car is identifying the car that fits your lifestyle (how much room, size and power versus aesthetic preferences). So now that you know which car to target based on our recommendations, you can get to work on purchasing your new ride.

Cars are a big purchase, no matter how fuel efficient they are, so you’ll likely need to take out a loan. Our car loans offer a discounted interest rate for new cars, as well as a low interest rate or no fee loan for other cars – the only question is which option is best for you?

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