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How to save for your next holiday

Right now, we’re in that awful stretch where a lot of the major holidays – and time off of work and school – are behind us with no holidays in sight. Instead of waiting for next summer to roll around, why not schedule a holiday in the meantime to help break up these long winter months ahead? Of course, there is that little detail that we mustn’t forget about – money.

Saving for a family holiday [1] can feel like a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Just check out these tips that will help you save up in no time.

Begin with your budget

Before you can confirm where you want to go, you need to know what money you are working with. If you need help breaking down the areas of your daily spending so you can calculate what to cut back on, just use our budget planner calculator [2]. It’s the easiest way to make a holiday savings budget – all you have to do is put in your financial information and you can dissect every area of your life easily. Perhaps you can cut back on takeaway meals, or trips to the cinema for a couple of months. Then once you’re on holiday you’ll have more money for dining out and enjoying local activities.

In addition to cutting back on some luxuries, there areĀ other things you can do to pad your holiday budget as well.

Come up with unique saving challenges

When you’re trying to cut back to save extra, that generally means you have to put the kibosh on frivolous spending. However, if you make saving into a game, then you can make it just a little more enjoyable. Every little bit helps when it comes to saving, so you can even get the kids involved. For example, designate jars to each family member and at the end of the month, see who has saved up the most change.

Check out the range of Beyond Bank savings accounts [3] to help you grow your savings.

Consider different accommodation options

What if you could take accommodation expenses out of the equation? You’d be able to leave for your holiday a whole lot faster. If this sounds good to you, then why not consider doing a home swap? People list their homes on swap sites like Airbnb so you can trade homes, or at least have someone pay to stay in your home while you’re away, cutting the costs of your trip significantly.

Business Insider [4] published a study that compared Airbnb to hotel prices in big cities across the world. It found that hotel prices in Sydney were nearly $45 more expensive than Airbnb homes ($185 compared to $140). Now, if you listed your own home for a similar price to the one you’ve planned on staying in, you could save even more!

For more tips on how to budget for a trip, or even for help getting your credit card ready for foreign travel, contact us here [5] at Beyond Bank Australia. Our team is ready to help you with all your financial needs today!