3 of the best road tripping cars

Who’s ready for an adventurous road trip? You have the people sorted, the destination picked out, the playlist crafted, the snacks ready to go – are you missing anything? Oh yeah, the car!

You can’t take just any old car – you need to travel in a ride that will suit both your trip and your budget. Today, we’re going to supply you with a couple of our best recommendations for the ultimate road tripping vehicle. Check them out.

The best car: For one

So it’s just you embarking on a little solo mission – cool! But you need a car that makes sense for one since you can’t split the driving or the petrol costs. You don’t need all the space in the world, but you do need a cosy, fuel efficient ride, so for you we’ve chosen the 2016 Honda Accord sedan. It comes with a four-cylinder CVT, safety cameras and smartphone connectivity, so you can easily go the mile safely and stylishly.

The best car: For the family

Nothing like some quality family time – however, being on top of each other in a small car might get a little testy, so you’ll be looking for something a little more spacious. Why not try out the midsized SUV Kia Sorento? This car also boasts a V6 engine and amazing suspension absorption just in case you decide to take the kids on a little off-road adventure. This car isn’t the biggest of its SUV competitors either (though it does have third-row seating), so you can easily cruise around the city once you’re done with your road trip.

The best car: For friends

If you’re going to be driving around with your mates, you need a cool ride to match the vibe. Depending on the size of your squad, you might need even more room for long, restless legs to kick back in. For you, we’re thinking the 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. This car can seat up to eight people and gets 28 miles per gallon so it’s still great on petrol – the best in its class, in fact. It has all-wheel drive and is perfect for taking the road less travelled.

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