Edmund Rice Camps

Beyond Bank – Best Bank for the Local Community

Beyond Bank for us is the Best Bank for the Local Community because quite simply they truly live and breathe the gift of giving and share with us and community groups like ours, the commitment to adding value to community and making the world a better place.

A bank is not just a building; it has people and a heartbeat. Beyond Bank has a very big heart and people who really care.

We measure the support that we receive from Beyond Bank in a number of ways. A donation through the Community Rewards Account Program makes a big difference to what we do and translates into dozens of life changing experiences for at risk kids. The real value however is the relationship we have with the staff and management of Beyond Bank and the sense of being part of a team.

The strength of any community comes from its connectedness, its ability to respond quickly to areas of need and to be truly inclusive. Beyond Bank actively contributes to community by doing all of this and in so doing is building and sustaining successful community teams all over the country.

Kevin Knapp (CEO – Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA)