Are SUVs the way of the future?

Have you noticed a huge number of SUVs on the roads recently? It might be because the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) noted on 3 March that SUVs overtook sales of passenger vehicles for the first time ever in February 2017.

A total of 35,497 SUVs were sold in February, while only 34,740 passenger vehicles were sold. SUVs accounted for 39.9 per cent of the market, while passenger vehicles made up only slightly less at 39 per cent. Are SUVs becoming more popular? The answer is yes, and it’s something we’ve seen coming for some time.

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Why are SUVs becoming more popular?

SUVs are typically bigger than a regular passenger vehicle, they are far higher off the ground for off-roading purposes and they tend to have more torque (pulling power). Families needing to tow trailers or a boat, for example, would likely choose an SUV for its towing capacity. They’re also very safe cars compared to smaller vehicles because of their size and added strength.

They might not be the easiest vehicles in the world to park, but they are much heavier than many of the other cars on the road. They have bigger frames for protection, and in the event of a collision, your loved ones could be much more secure inside a larger vehicle.

Until recently, SUVs were thirsty for fuel, inefficient, loud and cumbersome. Modern SUVs, however, are nothing like older models. Now, they’re fuel-efficient, quiet, comfortable and manoeuvrable, all while giving the driver the same benefits of the powerful, truck-like SUVs of old.

Have we seen this coming?

The rise of the SUV has been forecast for some time now, as more and more people see the benefits of driving these large, powerful, safe vehicles.

“The steady, demonstrable shift in consumer preference which has been occurring in the past few years has culminated in this February outcome,” said FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber.

“Of course, this one monthly outcome doesn’t signal a landslide but clearly Australian buyers are attracted by the features and capabilities of new generation SUVs, and how these types of vehicles suit their needs and lifestyles.”

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