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From better to best: Beyond Bank’s new mobile banking features

Beyond Bank has the strongest mobile and online banking applications [1] in the industry (for the second year running, we might add), as declared by Canstar. This is exciting news, but comes as no surprise since we’ve paid close attention to what our customers are asking for and have consistently pushed for the best mobile banking service possible. Not content to rest on our laurels, we’re adding a great new series of features to the mobile banking app [2].

Uncleared funds display

Cleared funds refers to your available cash, the balance you see when you log in to your banking app. It’s always nice to know what we’ve got to work with until the next pay day, but now you can also see uncleared funds.

This means that if you’ve made a credit transaction that hasn’t cleared yet, the transaction will be displayed as “uncleared funds.” Now you can view pending transactions before they are completed by the merchant at which the transaction was made.

A travel section for the frequent flyers

Beyond Bank has also added a travel section [3] to our mobile banking app, a great tool for those who love globe-trotting. You can now inform us through the app that you’ll be going overseas – as logins from foreign countries can raise a red flag, with a few taps you can let Beyond Bank know you’re abroad and avoid any potential confusion.

In addition to letting us know you’re off overseas, the travel section also lets you apply for:

In addition to the travel section, the new app allows you send payments overseas. Rather than a special trip to a branch, you can now do it on the app just as easily as transferring to a local account.

Change your PIN

Likewise, changing your PIN number no longer necessitates a branch visit. Security is of great importance, so having the ability to change the PIN to access your account whenever you need to is a fantastic benefit.

Create and edit your scheduled payments

Scheduling payments is a great way to stay on top of your outgoings. Beyond Bank’s mobile app allows you to set up, edit or cancel scheduled payments. Whether it’s household bills or a hire-purchase, our new and improved app has you covered.

Comprehensive review process

Beyond Bank [7] is dedicated to providing you with the best service. Have some feedback about the app? Let us know! We’ll be undertaking quarterly reviews where we take all comments on board in the quest to make our app the best it can be.

Download the Beyond Bank app [8] today!

Canstar Award [8]