Burpees for Babies

Recently Beyond Bank, in partnership with the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation, started a campaign to assist the critically ill newborns in the intensive care unit at the Canberra Hospital.

There is a fantastic new “smart” ventilator machine that will improve the care of these fragile babies.  With a regular ventilator, oxygen is pumped to a baby constantly even if they are taking in some air on their own.  Prolonged ventilation in this way can be harmful to them and lead to bleeding on the brain, so definitely not ideal. The “smart” ventilator assists the newborn to breathe only when they need it, which hastens their recovery.

After reading about how many babies would benefit from this piece of machinery in particular, I really wanted to help make it happen.  As a parent myself I understand the crucial part the NICU plays in some families lives. Fortunately, I haven’t had to utilise their incredible services and support, however several friends and family members have.

Seeing a parent, family member or friend go through any hardship with a child is undoubtedly one of the hardest times of their lives. So, I think if I can help even in the smallest way to raise enough money for ONE ventilator for ONE family, then I’ve achieved my goal. A burden taken off a family, a doctor, or a nurses hands all because we were able to pay it forward as a collective and raise money for an amazing cause!

Please help me raise money for this lifesaving machine.  I will be holding a ‘Burpees for Babies’ fundraising event at Gungahlin Pl, Gungahlin Marketplace on Saturday 1st July between 11am – 1pm.  I will perform 1 burpee for every $5 donated, so please donate generously.  You can donate on the Newborn Intensive Care Go Fund Me page here – or at our event.  100% of funds raised will go helping sick babies.