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What’s the most household friendly credit card?

Budgeting can be hard work. It takes discipline and perseverance to remain consistent with your spending and end-of-month reconciliation. Using a household-friendly credit card like Beyond Bank’s Low Rate Visa Card can make things a lot easier.

Our low rate Visa card boasts a number of great features, from smart chip protection and payWave capabilities, to allowing multiple cardholders and up-to-the-minute credit card security. All of this, plus competitive and flexible rates, make this one of the most household friendly credit card options on the market.

Benefits of a low rate credit card

Firstly, Beyond Bank’s low rate Visa offers zero per cent balance transfer fees. If you have an existing credit card on which you’re accruing interest and struggling to pay off, you can transfer it to your new Beyond Bank low rate credit card and pay no additional fees for five months. This is a great way to get on top of your existing payment requirements without it costing you more later.

Secondly, this low rate Visa offers up to 62 days interest free on purchases. If you’re in a position to repay your credit card balance in full every month, this is a fantastic way to keep track of your spending. Rather than retaining receipts for every cash purchase, your credit card statement will keep track of them for you. With no interest payments required, you’ll pay nothing to have a more thorough record of your monthly spend.

A recent survey from J. D. Power asked customers how satisfied they were with their credit cards. Those offering the lowest rate deals delivered the highest satisfaction ratings.

How to pay off your credit card in full each month

  • Make your payments on time.

If it helps, set up alerts to let you know when your balance is due. Missing payments will accrue extra charges that can start to add up if you are regularly forgetting to pay your credit account in full each month.

  • Set a sensible limit.

Having credit that far exceeds your monthly income probably won’t be in your best interest. Even if the additional credit available is to provide protection against any unforeseen costs, having the potential to get behind in your repayments is potentially dangerous and not advised.

  • Keep track of your statements.

It’s worth checking in regularly if you are using your credit card often. This is going to be far more accurate than keeping a mental tally of expenditures. Knowing exactly what you’ve spent against your budget will help you to stay on track with outgoing expenses.

If this sounds like the budgeting solution your household requires, fill out an online application or, if you have further queries, please get in contact with our team today.