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3 new cars you’ll want to get your hands on in 2017

After a huge year in 2016, not just in the amount of cars sold, but also for the number of new models introduced to the market, 2017 looks set to continue this trend. With Beyond Bank’s easy car loan application process and great rates, you could be on the road in your new car before you know it. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite models coming to Aussie shores this year:

Hyundai Ioniq
Hyundai’s new Ioniq will be a direct competitor for the Toyota Prius. While the car is being rolled out in three versions; petrol hybrid, plug in petrol hybrid and full electric, it’s currently unknown which of three options will be coming to Australia this year – but each variant offers a significant step up from competitors in the eco-friendly marketplace.

The Ioniq is a bit larger than a Prius, yet even this small difference in size translates to increased comfort for your passengers in the back seats (which can fold down to allow a full 1400l of storage). It also offers a significant step up in the transmission department, boasting a sportier six-speed gearbox as opposed to the  Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)T you’ll find in most other hybrids. EV mode gets 50km to a charge, which can be stretched to 1000km with supplementary petrol use.

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Honda next gen CR-V
Modern SUVs are now more popular than ever, and with Honda’s revamped CR-V range that popularity won’t be slowing down anytime soon. The vehicle will come in five and seven seater options, available in either front or all-wheel drive. Standard CR-Vs will be equipped with a 2.4l petrol engine, while the Type-R derivative will also feature a 1.5l turbo.

The previous CR-V range was praised for its huge amount of space and the next generation models will be no different. Honda has upped the ante here, with a fancier cabin design that makes the new CR-V feel a bit more upmarket than previous models. A whole host of safety features make this one of the more family friendly vehicles in its class.

Kia Stinger
A rear wheel drive, four-door sports sedan that is currently undergoing tweaks for the Aussie market has already made some significant waves as it was recently displayed at a fleet manager’s conference in Melbourne. The two options arriving in August will be the 2.0l turbocharged four cylinder standard as well as the 3.3l turbocharged V6 GT.

If you think the green Ioniq, the family friendly next gen CR-V or the gutsy Stinger might be for you, check out our range of car loans online or for further assistance contact our team on 13 25 85.