digital revolution

The Digital Revolution – how banking has changed in this millennium

Since the turn of the millennium we’ve seen a dramatic change in the way people bank. With internet and mobile banking becoming commonplace, it’s never been easier to shuffle money between accounts, pay bills, or even apply for a personal loan. Beyond Bank has gone further, offering you the tools not just to bank securely, but to budget as well in our award winning internet banking.

Beyond Finance Manager – new features to help you budget like a pro

What are you spending on rent? On food? On your car? You can get all of this information at a glance. The Money Going feature allows you to view and assess your outgoings by category, so you can see exactly where your money is allocated. You can also track your monthly spend. Since you can compare to previous months, it not only allows you to watch your payments up to the minute, but to plan for the future as well.

Since future planning is all important, Beyond Finance Manager allows you to set personal saving goals. You only need to enter a value and target date and goals will get you on your way to that new car, well-earned holiday, or home loan deposit.

While internet banking has always been a great service, the biggest pitfall has been that it can’t offer you the same insights as you would get from a face to face meeting with your banker. This is no longer the case, Beyond Finance Manager can crunch the numbers to help you stay on a budget like a professional would.

Canstar Award

More secure than ever

Beyond Bank take security very seriously, which is why we’ve implemented a second tier authentication process. Confirm your identity via SMS or Security Token so we can ensure it’s you making payments.

We’re also excited about our new Touch ID login for mobile banking. With biometric recognition, your banking details are safer than ever. No one but you can login to your mobile banking regardless of how savvy they may be with tech.

This type of protection has been employed against cyber attacks by governments and law enforcement agencies in the past. Now, it’s available to protect you and your accounts.

Find a Branch or ATM

Using your mobile phone’s GPS, we can now direct you to the nearest ATM or branch. We know you can make payments and access your financials any place, any time, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to cash out, or even speak to one our specialist staff. With a few touches, you can let Beyond Bank show you the way.

For more information about mobile or internet banking, get in contact with Beyond Bank and download the App today!