more than money

More than Money at Southern Vales Christian College

We’re teaching children how to set goals and achieve them.

The students at Southern Vales Christian College located at Aldinga recently completed the More than Money financial education program.

The program has been developed to teach children about money, goal setting, budgeting, taxation and how to save through an interactive classroom program. The program lessons are able to be downloaded by the teachers and are offered to schools for free. To find out more go to

Southern Vales Christian College Year 6 teacher Chione Jenkins said: “The students loved it! 21 students participated, this will definitely be part of my program every year as it was engaging and real for students and it complimented Australian Curriculum requirement for HASS subject under Economics and Business.”

Mrs Jenkins also said, “she had received feedback from parents and they loved the students learning how to earn money to reach their classroom reward.”

When asked about the program students said:
“I really enjoyed the More Than Money program because it is good and fun. I enjoyed learning about money and how to save. I learnt about the types of payments there are.”
“I enjoyed when the bank came in and talked to us about how you can pay for things on the internet and also about debit cards and credit cards.”
“My favourite part was when we got to design our own coin”

Upon successful completion students are rewarded with a savings account with a small contribution to help them kick start their own savings goals.

If you are interested in finding out more about Beyond Bank’s more than money program visit