Our day volunteering at Foodbank

What a fantastic two days the Beyond Bank staff have had at Foodbank.

Grant, the head chef of Foodbank, explained how many WA businesses send Foodbank food that is close to the use-by or best before dates on the packaging. This food is either sold on at very cheap rates or it is frozen and then used to cook into meals.

The meals we worked on would retail for $3.00 per serve to those most in need.

Grant went on explain that one third of all the food in the world is wasted. Given all the energy and effort it takes for food to be created, it is such a shame for it to then go into the bin and therefore the tip. Foodbank is able to save the food from the waste bin and turn it into a meal for someone in need.

First job for the day was to finish off the pizzas the previous volunteers had been working on. Pizza bases, turkey, salami, cheese, BBQ sauce and olives had all been donated and were to be put together and sold on. We completed the remaining 60 pizzas that brought the total to 1191 for 7 days of work.

Then we moved on to meatballs: pork mince and herbs that had been frozen needed to be rolled into meatballs that would eventually go into a meal. What a huge job to roll up 60kg of meatballs; however, the team of 6 Beyond Bank staff got into the task and had a lot of fun together getting the job done.

After a well-earned lunch break we discovered we would be cutting broccoli into bite-size pieces. The job didn’t seem too hard until we discovered this would be 100kg of broccoli! Again the team worked hard and got into a groove that got the job done.

Towards the end of the day, Grant announced he had just received a delivery of 100kg of potatoes, so he decided to change the meal to meatballs, potato mash and steamed broccoli, not bad for $3.00 per portion of 500 grams.

We were very glad to hear we didn’t need to peel all those potatoes as the commercial kitchen had a machine to do that job!

I would highly recommend a volunteering day at Foodbank and will look to get a team together every 6 months to help this fantastic not for profit organisation.