VRA Presentation

Leeton Volunteer Rescue Association Celebration BBQ

The dedication and work the volunteers of the Leeton Volunteer Rescue Association is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The dedicated rescue group was formed 40 yrs ago following a tragic accident. Motor vehicle accidents, lost bushwalkers, and industrial accidents, as well as Inland Water Search & Rescue are the main causes for responses. However, you will see the group at various local events such as Light Up Leeton Christmas event, Sunrice Festival and Bidgee Classic Fishing competition offering first aid and other services.

The Leeton VRA are the latest recipients of a Community Grant from Beyond Bank in the Riverina. The group rely solely on donations and fundraising, so the funds from the grant are greatly appreciated. Funds are required for training, equipment, maintenance and administration just to keep the organisation running on a day to day basis.

A celebratory BBQ was held at their headquarters in Leeton with the crew and support team (wives, partners and families) attending. Some fascinating stories were shared and a guided tour of the truck and equipment used, gave us a whole new appreciation for what these guys do each day.

Passion and dedication are two words which describe the feeling amongst the crew. It’s not only the “guys” who work tirelessly when required, it’s the “support team” consisting of the families of these men.

When the phone goes in the middle of the night, it’s all hands on deck in the household. Calls of “where’s my uniform?”, “Where are my boots?” with partners running out to start the car are familiar scenes when called to action. It’s definitely a family commitment.

We even got to see the crew in action. Sitting down to enjoy the BBQ, the phones all went off. The guys jumped into action, within seconds we were left to wonder what was happening. It was great to see them in action, but you wonder why? Has someone been injured, in trouble or worse? The crew never know what to expect when they go out and leave their families each time. Each situation they are called to is different. They need to be prepared for any and every scenario. Thankfully this situation was dealt with easily, with jokes on who made the call to get out of the dishes and photos.

It was a privilege to share the celebration with the crew and their families. I applaud them for their commitment to our community and am grateful to have them around when the need arises. Hopefully never, but it’s reassuring to know they are there to help in any situation.