My day volunteering at Hutt St Centre

I recently had the opportunity to volunteer at Hutt St Centre in Adelaide with fellow members of the Executive team, Wayne and Peter.

One of their passionate staff, Mike, gave us a tour of the facilities. His story was amazing – he left the corporate world behind to spend 18 months as a volunteer at the centre before taking on a paid job at Hutt St.

I was not was not aware of the holistic nature of the services they offer – showers, laundry facilities, day room, medical/health/wellbeing services, computer room, group/community activities aimed at building confidence and self-esteem, case management to find permanent housing solutions for individuals and starter packs for those that move out of homelessness.

I spent the majority of my time doing food preparation for the lunch service (lucky I have some ‘knife skills!’) and then helped with the clean-up during and after breakfast.

It was a very rewarding experience and I was pleased to be able to support such a wonderful organisation. It definitely changed my stereotypical thinking around homeless people and I liked the way the Hutt Street staff refer to them as ‘people currently experiencing homelessness,’ as opposed to ‘homeless people’. They all have a story, and many are not related to substance abuse issues. Many of these people looked like they could have been on their way to the office  – well groomed, clean and tidy.

The team at Hutt St are a passionate group of people that run a professional, efficient operation, on the ‘smell of an oily rag.’ It was great to see the amazing dedication of their many volunteers that turn up for their rostered shift every week.

Hutt St Centre should be very proud of their real sense of community with appreciative clients and respectful, caring volunteers and staff.

If you would like to support Hutt St Centre, visit our website to find out how you can help by simply saving money in your account.