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Send a monetary gift before the Christmas rush starts!

Sending money overseas was once difficult and expensive. It meant high fees, endless paperwork and a limited number of available currencies, plus the worry of whether your transfer would arrive safely at its destination. Let’s face it, who needs all this hassle around Christmas?

Luckily for you, these days there are various options for sending your money overseas [1] easily, promptly and reliably. With Christmas just around the corner, let’s look at why it is more convenient than ever to send money overseas.

  1. Sending a monetary gift is easier than wrapping and posting a bulky present. Then there is the cost of packaging and postage to take into consideration. Before you know it, your budget has been blown out of the water.
  2. Funds can arrive in as quickly as 2-3 business days;* faster than using a postal service.  No waiting around for the Postie to deliver, receiving a calling card and having to pick up your parcel from the post office during restricted hours.
  3. With the gift of money, your loved ones can buy something to their liking. Less pressure on you because it takes the guess-work out of searching for that ideal gift.
  4. The money could help a relative during a time of financial difficulty – who wants to stress about money during the holidays?
  5. Peace of mind: safer than a gift getting lost or damaged in the mail.

Powered by Western Union Business Solutions, our International Transfer service [1] gets money overseas efficiently and reliably. Send funds to more than 200 countries and territories in over 130 currencies.  You can also potentially lock in a great foreign exchange rate [2] and know how much money will be received at the other end.**

Spoil your friends and family this Christmas – sit back and relax knowing that you locked in a competitive foreign exchange rate and you made a loved one overseas feel special this Christmas.


Any financial products described in this document are provided by Community CPS Australia Limited ABN 15 087 651 143 AFSL 237856 trading as Beyond Bank Australia. Beyond Bank has entered an agreement with Western Union Business Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd (ACN 150 129 749; AFSL 404092) (“WUBS”), to engage WUBS’s services in fulfilling these financial products. WUBS is an operating division of the Western Union Company.
This is general information only, therefore before making a decision about acquiring any of these products you should consider whether or not it is appropriate for you. Fees and charges may apply, and are available upon request.  You should consider the terms and conditions for the product, which are available at: https://beyondbank.com.au/personal-banking/accounts/foreign-exchange/international-transfer.html
* Non-exotic funds (currency from a developing country that is not the Standard Western Common currencies available) are typically received by the beneficiary’s bank within 2 to 3 business days. There may be a delay in the bank allocating the funds to the beneficiary’s account. Sending funds in some currencies and/or to some countries may take longer than others; there is no delivery period guarantee.
**In some instances, intermediary banks may levy additional fees and/or charges. These are out of the control of Beyond Bank and WUBS.