What to look for in a new car in 2018

What to look for in a new car in 2018

Australians love their cars, so it’s little wonder that so many of us take out car loans to cover the purchase of a new vehicle. However, buying a new set of wheels involves far more than simply securing financing and driving away into the sunset. It’s vital to do your research before purchasing, in order to ensure your new car has all of the features you’ll need to really make the most of the purchase.

To help provide you with an idea of what to look for, the team here at Beyond Bank has put together a handy list covering four essential features to keep in mind when looking for a new car in 2018.

  1. A reversing camera

Once exclusive to high-end luxury vehicles, reversing cameras are now one of the most essential features of any new car. Not only will having one make your life easier when it comes to squeezing into tight parking spaces, a reversing camera will also help you avoid accidentally bumping into other vehicles, poles or other objects that might damage your property or others. While it’s vital to have comprehensive car insurance, we’d all rather avoid dealing with any damage, so consider investing in a vehicle with a reversing camera.

  1. Smartphone connectivity

As we become more reliant on our smartphone, the idea of driving a vehicle that doesn’t offer some form of either Apple or Android connectivity becomes not just an inconvenience, but a real problem. From being able to answer phone calls on the go to playing your favourite music on long car trips, connecting your phone to your vehicle will improve your driving experience.

  1. Keyless entry

Again, this is one that used to only be found on more expensive cars. Today though, keyless entry is available on everything from sensible hatchbacks to family wagons. It may seem like an unnecessary feature, but it’s one you’ll always be grateful for when you need to get into your car while your hands are full. As most cars with keyless entry also offer a pushbutton start, you won’t need to worry about fishing around for your keys when you’re in a rush.

  1. Comfortable seats

This one might seem a little strange, but regardless of how far technology advances, it’s vital for you to feel comfortable when driving your car, especially if you know that you’ll be taking long journeys. A nice fabric and plenty of padding are great places to start, but for the very best comfort, you could find a vehicle that offers adjustable ‘power seats.’ These make it possible to adjust the amount of back support that you get at the press of a button, ensuring comfort for the majority of drivers who get behind the wheel.

Emphasis on the ‘new’

Of course, these features are far more likely to be found on brand new cars, which you might think means you’ll end up paying more. However, investing in a vehicle fresh off the production line could mean that you end up paying less on your loan repayments. This is because many lenders, including Beyond Bank, offer discounted interest rates for new cars. The reasoning behind this is that a newer car will hold its value far better than a secondhand model, providing more security in the event of repayments not being met.

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