ACT Volunteer Award

Congratulations to our staff volunteers in ACT!

Congratulations to all our Canberra region staff who have volunteered their time over the last 12 months. Their efforts were recently recognised at the ACT Volunteer of the Year Awards where Beyond Bank won the Corporate Volunteer Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the Canberra region.

We have participated in some long-term volunteering activities in ACT such as the Special Children’s Christmas Party for which staff have volunteered for the last 14 years.

Over the last 12 months, staff have volunteered on a regular basis with Ronald McDonald House in the Family Room which is located in the Centenary Hospital.  Every Wednesday evening two staff provide drinks, a meal and conversation with family members who have children admitted to the children’s ward of the hospital. Without the support of Beyond Bank, this Family Room would not be able to remain open from 5:30 to 8:00pm every Wednesday evening.

Two of our staff who volunteered in the Family Room for Ronald McDonald House stayed on their shift for an additional 2 hours so that a family from Cameroon could sit and watch the Socceroo’s game.  Stories of our volunteering experiences within Ronald McDonald House are shared internally and from this we can see that many of staff will stay well beyond their allocated time to assist a family, for the purpose of ensuring their mobile phone is charged for the night or just because the family member could really do with another cup of tea and a chat.

Staff have also participated for the last number of years at the Pegasus Open Day, which supports children living with a disability, providing people power, infrastructure and a means for this organisation to fundraise much-needed funds.

Staff have also provided monthly support to the Ginninderra Athletics group, supporting them by cooking a BBQ and assisting them to fundraise for their club.

As part of our culture, and where appropriate, we often encourage our staff to bring their children to our volunteer events so that they too can learn about the benefits of volunteering and we hope this will encourage them to become volunteers themselves into the future.

The staff at Beyond Bank have certainly exceeded their allocated 180 hours of volunteering in a year and have given nearly 300 hours of volunteering service in the past 12 months.

Over the last 60 years the staff at Beyond Bank Australia have supported the Canberra community through their volunteering initiatives both individually and as a team.

Well done and congratulations once again to our ACT staff for their commitment to volunteering!