Road Raise

My colleagues go beyond for CanTeen

This year we had the privilege of meeting Angus, one of CanTeen SA’s Ambassadors.

Angus found out his father was dying when he was only 13 years old. Fortunately, his dad contacted CanTeen to help Angus and his brothers with ways to cope with the devastating news.  Angus now volunteers his time to help other young people who have been touched by cancer.

Cancer affects so many people and CanTeen provides young people with many different services depending on their situation and needs.

I know from personal experience that this sort of news can leave your kids feeling isolated. My husband died from cancer when my children were young adults. If CanTeen services were available at the time it would have made a huge difference during and after his death for my two children.  Any help can make a difference.

Angus volunteered his time to help 21 riders, who set off from Adelaide on a cold April morning to ride their bikes to Melbourne in the 2018 RoadRaise for CanTeen, a little over 1200 kilometres in only 7 days.

I am incredibly proud of four of my colleagues, Stephen, Michelle, Shane and Steve who gave their time not only fundraising for this event but to ride from Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne. The Beyond Bank four and our staff raised over $45,000.

Collectively the riders, sponsors, school children and supporters helped to raise an enormous amount of money – a little over $250,000 this year (totalling over half a million in 3 years).

Thank you to all the staff and customers who continue to support CanTeen with our Community Reward Program.  Each year causes like CanTeen receive a donation that helps their fundraising even more.  If you want to support a cause you’re passionate about, open a Community Reward Account and start saving, the more you save the more Beyond Bank will donate to that organisation.