Mandy volunteering T Dog Rescue Newcastle

Animal Rescue in the Hunter Region

It’s no secret to our team in the Hunter Regional Office that Mandy Clever, Quality Assurance Analyst and Compliance Officer, adores dogs. In fact we often joke about the luxury lifestyle Mandy has given her own dog Dudley who eats better than some of our staff and is treated like a King.

Over the past couple of months our Hunter Community Team has formed a new relationship with Dog Rescue Newcastle. Mandy was really affected by some of the horrific stories and decided she wanted to do something to improve the lives of some of our local furry friends. Over the past few weeks Mandy has been quietly collecting items from colleagues, friends, family and other animal lovers she has connected with online.

Mandy has managed to collect food for both cats and dogs, bedding, blankets, collars, harnesses, toys and treats. There were so many items that Mandy was able to split the them into three groups allowing her to donate them to Dog Rescue Newcastle, Hunter animal rescue and our local RSPCA animal shelter.

Taking some volunteering hours Mandy joined forces with our community team to deliver the items and sneak a few cuddles with some of the grateful recipients. Barnie was incredibly cuddly and willing to clean our faces with sloppy kisses, it was heartbreaking to hear that he has been waiting for a family for about a year now and there was some careful consideration about taking him back to the office to keep as a pet- we were almost certain it would boost staff morale but did consider that we might struggle to get anything done.

Our hearts broke when we met Polly who had been kicked repeatedly and as a result had lost most of her teeth. Polly’s eye was so badly damaged as a result of the attack that she had to have her eye removed. The team at Dog Rescue Newcastle told us that this story was not uncommon and that their vet bills for abandoned dogs in similar situations average at around $10k per month. As the group receives no funding they rely on the kindness of people like Mandy to help them out with donations, resources and foster homes. As they are our newest community rewards recipient in the Hunter we are also hoping we will be able to help them to continue their wonderful work.

We have so many amazing staff at Beyond Bank who do amazing things in our community and want to congratulate Mandy for going Beyond and making a difference. While she does not feel like she does done anything special our animal shelters and fury friends completely disagree.