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The impact of homelessness.

Australian communities are tight-knit places, and as a nation we take pride in helping one another out whenever possible. Even so, there are certain groups of vulnerable Aussies who don’t always get the support and care that they need, with an obvious example being those experiencing homelessness. People sleeping rough face a host of challenges to their well-being, and the knock-on effects can have serious repercussions throughout Australian society as a whole.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at homelessness in Australia, and what Beyond Bank and our customers [1] are doing to ensure at-risk groups are adequately protected.

The impacts of homelessness

In order to tackle homelessness and its impacts, it’s important to understand what it really means to be homeless, and what can cause these situations. One of the most common misconceptions about homelessness is failing to recognise that it’s an experience, rather than a life sentence. There are all sorts of factors that can lead someone to temporarily sleeping rough, and changing the public perception of this percentage of the population is a vital step in fixing the associated problems.

At its core, homelessness is not having a safe, secure place to stay, and there are all sorts of different reasons people can find themselves in this position. For some, homelessness is a result of escaping from another dangerous situation, such as living with an abusive partner or parent. For others, poverty, discharge from prison or mental illness can all be contributing factors.

While this problem is one that Australia should be tackling, the latest census data┬╣ shows that the rate of homelessness has increased by nearly 5 per cent over the last five years. Today, the number of Australians experiencing homelessness is estimated at roughly 116,000, or 50 out of every 10,000 people. On an individual level, these Australians face huge challenges from finding employment to securing healthcare when required, but the problem is also a national one. This is apparent everywhere from the time and money spent on the issue by government agencies to the run-on effects of homelessness in creating safe communities.

Beyond Bank’s community partnerships

Here at Beyond Bank, we understand just how important it is for businesses like us to take the lead on issues within our community. As a customer-owned organisation, socioeconomic issues that affect Australians are particularly close to our hearts, and we’ve taken significant strides in maximising our ability to give back.

In regards to homelessness, one of the organisations that we are incredibly proud to support is, Hutt St Centre [2]. While there are changes at government levels that can reduce homelessness and its impacts on our society, it’s just as important to provide immediate support for those in need. This is exactly what Hutt St Centre provides, through a range of services that include everything from access to computers and education to hot meals and job readiness training.

It’s this sort of support that can really make a difference in helping Australians experiencing homelessness feel less isolated, while also providing them with assistance in getting back on their feet. Here at Beyond Bank, we’re proud to support organisations like Hutt St Centre, and you can help by joining us and making sure your money is going to those in need.

For more information, contact Beyond Bank today [3].


┬╣ Australian Bureau of Statistics: Census reveals a rise in the rate of homelessness in Australia [4]

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