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Beyond Bank announces $40,000 grant in Whyalla

The Bank has provided $40,000 towards Whyalla Community Centre, billed as a ‘one-stop shop’ for Whyalla’s older residents and their carers.

The new Community Centre, due to open at the end of September, will be housed in the old Beyond Bank branch on Donaldson Terrace and will provide a range of user-friendly information, support and services.

The aged care system can be complex and difficult to navigate, leaving many without the services or support they need to live the life the way they choose.

Whyalla Aged Care is a trusted frontline provider of a critical service and this new initiative will look to help people make the right decisions about what is best for them and their families.

Meet Ethel and Doris, they live in their own home but still need some services to help them stay there for as long as want and need. However, they are at risk of becoming lonely and isolated.

“I used to swim regularly with my friends but sadly I am out living them, the centre will provide me with a social outlet to be with people,” said Ethel, (91 years of age).

“To have a service centre to help people find services for the aged, will be great.  I want to live in my own home for as long as I can, navigating the myagedcare.gov.au [1] website was difficult, the Community Centre will provide help to others like me –  I now have someone who assists with general maintenance of my house,” said Doris, (96 years of age).

The new centre will also provide programs to ensure vital emotional and social inclusion for Whyalla community.

Beyond Bank supports many fantastic community projects right across Australia we look forward to seeing the new Centre and creating more good for the Whyalla Community.