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Impact Seed Annual Pitch Night

As one of the largest customer owned banks in Australia, we are proud to be the first Australian bank to become a Certified B Corp. By using our profits to benefit our communities we help create a sustainable future [1] beyond today.

We are pleased to be in our third year of partnership with the Social Impact Festival who share our values and desire to make a real difference for people and for our planet.

By bringing together aspiring and experienced leaders of social change and innovation, the Social Impact Festival [2] helps inspire and give a platform to those who wish to do good. It encourages and celebrates the initiatives bringing positive social change in Western Australia.

Six start-up businesses competed last week at the Impact Seed Pitch Night [3]. With a time limit of 6 minutes, the finalists were required to convince the audience and judges on the feasibility, success and business model for their idea.

It was my honour to present the winner, Vanessa Rauland the creator, co-founder and managing director of the Climate Clever Initiative, with a cheque for $1500, for winning the Beyond Bank Award.

Vanessa’s winning idea is a Climate Clever App that enables schools to reduce their carbon foot print and utility costs.

Vanessa came up with the idea in 2012 after helping to certify the first carbon neutral school in Australia. From there she made it her mission to find a way to help more schools to achieve a carbon neutral status.

Early this year after a successful 2-year pilot program with 15 schools in Perth, Vanessa and her team created and launched the Climate Clever App. The App calculates, tracks and compares their carbon footprint, audits buildings and creates evidence-based action plans for schools to implement. Predominately led by the students, the App shares the schools achievements with other like-minded schools to create a sense of collaboration, community and a joint commitment for a common goal.

Vanessa has real commitment and a vision to lead the way in creating a low carbon future. Beyond Bank was pleased to assist Vanessa help make her vision a reality.