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High Five for Healthy Harold!

Hunter Life Education (HLE) is a community-based, not for profit organisation located in the Hunter in NSW. HLE works in partnership with schools, other community organisations and Hunter businesses to raise funds which ensure that their highly valuable Life Education programs are delivered to children across the region.  HLE was established in 1985 by concerned parents and over the years has continued to grow. As the organisation has grown their capacity to deliver programs has expanded and in addition to their educational programs HLE now offers preschool programs and out of school care for primary aged children. Despite growth, HLE has never faltered away from their key focus and has continued to educate children and young people about the benefits of leading a healthy active life.   Each year HLE deliver their Life Education message to over 30,000 children in Newcastle and the Hunter Region. A study conducted by Amanda Biggs and Dr Rhonda Jolly on behalf of the Parliament of Australia suggest that 32% of Australia’s diseases are directly linked to poor lifestyle choices including smoking, drug abuse, a lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption and unhealthy eating. These statistics are alarming but further enforce the importance of programs like those run by HLE in reducing the rates of preventable disease in the future.

Beyond Bank has been working alongside of Hunter Life education for a number of years now. In addition to being proud supporters of the life education program, we continue to be a proud corporate partner of HLE’s “Water for Life” challenge. This challenge encourages school students to eliminate soft drinks and drink water for two weeks. Children take donations and fundraise which helps their school cover the cost of a Healthy Harold visit.

To celebrate this wonderful partnership and bring more awareness to the amazing work Hunter Life Education is doing, we invited Harold, HLE’s loveable mascot, to visit both our Glendale and Hamilton Branches during the October School Holidays. Our excited visitors were not deterred by the rain and hail and lined up for high fives, cuddles and some serious selfies with their idol. Harold flossed (the latest dance craze) and coloured his way through what was a fantastic morning filled with so many smiles, some healthy snacks and lots of water. The love of Harold was evident when we saw really big kids and adults stopping to get photos with the giraffe they so fondly remembered from their days at primary school.

As part of these branch visits, we gave away two HLE packs to two lucky children and $500 to a school nominated by the children who were there on the day. We had so many entries and this week we were lucky enough to visit Eleebana Public School and share the good news. Amelie Field, who nominated her primary school, hoped that if she won the money it would help bring Harold to her school in 2019. Amelie may have got more than she bargained for when we surprised her with a very special guest. Harold our Beyond Bank representatives and the team at HLE were able to inform Amelie that her school would be booking a Hunter Life Education visit for her class with the money she won. Her response was “I’m so happy my whole body is moving, I’m just really excited and I can’t calm down”.

The HLE van is one of the main ways that HLE spread their educational messages to children in the region. HLE receive limited government funding and rely on grants, fundraising and donations to continue delivering their programs. Without community partnerships like that one they have with Beyond Bank they simply would not be able to continue their work!

Did you know you can help support Healthy Harold and Hunter Life Education by simply saving? Open a community reward account for yourself or your children, nominate Hunter Life Education as your community group of choice, earn interest, save and Beyond Bank will pay a donation to Hunter Life Education at no cost to you. To help Healthy Harold visit https://www.beyondbank.com.au/community-banking/community-reward-package.html [1]