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Your holiday change, can make change for good.

One person can have a big effect on the lives of others.

Bridie from our Canberra office recently won our coveted Beyond Bank Community Champion Award for 2018.

As well as her amazing work with Ronald McDonald House, Bridie has also joined the Woden Day Break Rotary Club.

Through her association with them, Bridie has learned that Malaria kills one child every 30 seconds, most under the age of 5, which equates to 3000 children every day. As well as children, over one million adults die from malaria each year and many more are left ill or disabled.

Through volunteers like Bridie, Rotary collects unwanted foreign currency to donate much-needed funds in the fight against Malaria.

Coins and low-value notes are not often converted within Australia, so why not make sure they go to a good cause.  Over $400,000 has been raised by the Rotary Coin Collection programs over the last 15 years.

By donating your unwanted coins and notes from overseas trips, Rotary will be able to distribute bed nets, arrange education programs and assist in the diagnosis and treatment of Malaria.

To donate foreign currency and help Bridie support Rotary in the fight against Malaria, drop into your local Beyond Bank branch. Locate your nearest branch here [1].