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Breaking down barriers – in all sorts of ways.

For people living with a disability, there are all sorts of physical, mental and emotional barriers that come up each and every day.

Let’s start with the morning ritual. Getting out of bed may be difficult, getting dressed, having breakfast can also present challenges. If you live alone, everything is so much harder.

During the day, you may need to travel to work, to an appointment. That can present a whole new set of challenges, negotiating all sorts of commonplace obstacles and dilemmas. Everyday activities, especially if mobility or communication is limited, can feel overwhelming.

In the evenings, or at any time, there’s the risk of social isolation. The daily interactions that many able-bodied people take for granted, can be missing from the life of someone with a disability. The opportunity to share a joke, a coffee, a conversation may be restricted simply by lack of opportunity.

It is important for all of us, those with disabilities and those who are able-bodied to look after each other. It’s the care and consideration for someone else that leads to better and stronger communities.

Beyond Bank is doing all it can across its national network to ensure that our communities are inclusive, kind and welcoming.

Breaking down barriers and making sure we don’t build new ones, is what life is all about.