Grandparents outside with grand kids

Stressing about stress.

As Australia’s population ages, we are all having to deal with a new set of problems and challenges as we tackle the issue of caring for our most senior citizens.

Families, communities and cultures all have their own individual ways of looking after the elderly – and there is much we can learn from each other – but overriding all of this is a desire to make sure that the needs of the aged are met in the best possible way.

Quite simply, aging is a fact of life and it affects all families.

As our parents age, we may put off thinking about the future and the extent to which their aging will impact on their lifestyle and independence.

We probably also don’t think too much about the impact it will have on the extended family as decisions are made about the right types of care, medical treatment as and when the need arises and the general effects that come with relatives getting old.

Maintaining the dignity, emotional wellbeing and as much freedom and independence as possible are key concerns for those of us caring for the elderly.

Sometimes, these decisions can be taken with careful consideration. Other times, due to sudden or unexpected ill-health, they are forced upon us and create enormous stress.

At Beyond Bank, we are very mindful of the need to support the elderly in our communities and also those who care for them.  We are all in it together and it’s good to know that we can share the burdens, responsibilities and yes, the stress too.