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The benefits of working longer.

Just because you are of a certain age, does not mean you should be consigned to the employment scrapheap.

Indeed, where would the world be if it wasn’t able to draw upon the experience and wisdom of those of us who have “seen it all before”?

Working and contributing, being engaged and involved, earning an income and living well are vital to a strong and vibrant community.

Older Australians working longer provide significant value to their employers, their workmates and the economy.

Working makes people, especially older people, feel valued not isolated, well-regarded not inferior and of course, that all results in huge boosts to self-confidence and self-esteem which in turn, promotes good mental and physical health.

Keeping older people employed also has some excellent economic spin-offs as it lessens the demands on our welfare and health systems.

Social benefits? Well, they are wonderful too as having a spread of energy and experience in a workplace means opportunities for mentoring, skills sharing, training and the chance to make new friendships.

For employers who offer work to older people, we congratulate you! The example you are setting is a great one as it acknowledges the important role that older people play in the workplace.

Age should not be a barrier to meaningful, productive and satisfying work and at Beyond Bank we are proud to support those who open the door of opportunity.