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Benefits of back to basics.

There’s no doubt we can be very attached to our habits and routines. We may miss being outdoors, enjoying our natural surroundings, but our time indoors has delivered positive impacts more far reaching than our finances. In fact, a recent survey shows that, overall, happiness levels for Australians have remained the same during this time, in spite of a fall in our satisfaction with money matters. Here are five upsides to the time we’ve been spending in lockdown.

Tapping into our creativity

Being shut indoors has forced us to think outside of the box in how we keep busy and make things happen. Showing we care when birthdays or special occasions come around becomes about what we can make or do, rather than what we buy. Material gifts might be replaced with handmade cards or sharing a personal recording of a song. Instead of our regular takeaway, we might use our time to get creative in the kitchen for a new food experience.

Mindful consumption

Since the coronavirus pandemic, we’re becoming more mindful consumers. Research shows we’re placing more value on food and other essentials and spending less money overall. In turn, consuming less means that we’re wasting less too. Being more conscious of spending on what we need and value most, can help us save more, as well as reduce waste from packaging and throwing out old stuff to make space for the new.

Shared experiences

Valuing the people in our lives over material possessions is nothing new. But recent changes have seen us directing far more time and energy into reinventing our experience of group gatherings and time with friends and family. Research shows that we’re feeling a stronger sense of community and catching up with the people who matter more often. Social events and celebrations have been replaced with thoughtful acts of kindness – from drive-by birthday wishes, to using technology to check in on loved ones, we’ve been following our natural instinct to connect more than ever.

Trying something new online

New online communities and groups that have popped up during social isolation are giving us more opportunities to try something new. Whether it’s a new dance, craft, language or exercise routine, more and more people have been teaching skills online, often for free, as a way of giving back to their community and keeping themselves busy. From cooking demos from celebrity chefs to guitar master classes with famous musicians, the simple pleasure of taking up a new hobby has never been easier.

Taking care of our health

Recent times have heightened our awareness of how important it is to look after our health. Access to gyms and face-to-face exercise classes has been disrupted so we’re discovering a DIY approach to keeping fit within our homes. Recognising the importance of healthy behaviours, like getting a good night’s sleep and eating healthy meals, comes with more time at home to dedicate to these goals as part of our everyday lives.   

As social distancing rules are relaxed, our habits and routines are likely to evolve again. But whilst we might be grateful to be returning to work or the gym, some of these simple, alternative ways of living could be here to stay.  



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