Supporting cricket in the ACT.

As a nation, Australian’s love participating in and watching sports. Since the first recorded cricket match in Australia in December 1803, cricket has become the most popular sport in the summer months.

Surveys show that 93.6% of Australians watch some cricket on TV and more than 2 million will attend a cricket event*.   

At Beyond Bank, we recognise the importance of sport, not just for national pride, but also to promote stronger, healthier, and safer communities. Sport encourages teamwork, helps develop patience, requires practice and improves physical fitness. It also helps our mental health by creating a sense of belonging, building self-esteem, and providing the opportunity for social interaction.  

We have partnered with Cricket ACT since 2019. We're supporting their vision for cricket to be “Australia’s favourite sport – a sport for all Australians”. 

Recently we sat down with Matthew Phelps, General Manager, Commercial & Operations of Cricket ACT, to talk about the growing success of women’s cricket in Canberra.   

Tell us your thoughts about the current state of women’s cricket in Canberra. 

Female participation in the ACT has been growing at approximately 15% per year, which is really exciting. Our entry-level programs have enjoyed the most growth and those girls have made their way into junior competitions. 

Cricket ACT has also resourced pathway and coaching programs to support teams and individual skills even further. We’ve seen several ACT teams and individuals enjoying success in competitions or higher honours which has increased the profile and acceptance of females playing cricket.

The increased exposure to international female cricket in Canberra has played a part too. Manuka Oval is hosting more international matches every year, culminating in an Ashes Test this coming summer. 

Why is having women in cricket important?

Cricket is a sport for all, and Cricket ACT is proud to have a strong female presence at leadership, administrative, coaching and volunteer levels. 

Over 40% of our Board Directors, our CEO, and 50% of staff, including coaches and community staff, plus many executive members of affiliates, are female. 

In our eyes, cricket is “cricket” and not designated as a male or female game. The emergence of females at so many levels is very positive and we continue to strive to be the number one sport for females and in our region. 

How has the partnership with Beyond Bank assisted you?  

The partnership has created many positive opportunities for the game's growth across the ACT. 

Whilst the partnership does not directly support female cricket, it has enabled us to increase resources for our female competitions. 

Additionally, the support of Cricket ACT clubs has allowed them to reduce costs and increase reserves directed to support the growth of females.  

Support ACT Cricket

Love cricket?  Support Cricket ACT by opening a Community Reward Account.


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