Budget Bootcamp.
Week 3.


Bonus activity: Superannuation health check.


Nothing induces panic like telling people to check their super. But it really isn’t that scary.  

How’s it been performing? Is it growing like you want? Does the fund focus on sustainable and ethical investments that have a positive impact on communities and the environment? 

Whether your retirement is at the end of this week or you’ve still got 30 years, it’s important to know where you stand.  

Because what you do now, is going to have huge ramifications on how your life plays out after you hang up the towel.  

Quick ways you can boost your super include: 

  • Salary sacrificing: Making additional contributions from your pre-tax salary.
  • Consolidating your super:  Putting it in one place means you can keep an eye on it, and save on fees.
  • Spouse contributions: If your partner earns less than a certain amount, you may be able to claim a tax offset.
  • Get government assistance: If your salary is below a certain threshold, you may be eligible for a low-income super tax offset.
  • Use a financial advisor. A chat with our advisors is free, and no obligation. You can book a free appointment with one of our advisors online now.  

Use our superannuation calculator or read more at moneysmart.gov.au 


Your week 3 snapshot.

Bonus activity.

Superannuation health check.

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