Budget Bootcamp.
Week 4.


Activity 7: Unsubscribe rampage.


We like to think of this as a kind of financial “spring clean.” 

Just go through your subscriptions and throw out the ones you don’t need. (Which is pretty much all of them, let’s face it.) 

You honestly won’t miss the “unmissable sales” or the ubiquitous, “hurry, ends soon,” offer, so just get rid of them. Unsubscribe.  

Be brutal. Take no prisoners. If necessary, use an online unsubscribe service to clean up your inbox.  

Unsubscribing on many sites can be a bit of an odyssey. For obvious reasons, they make unsubscribing way harder than joining.  

But once you’ve finally done it, you’ll feel a flood of relief.  

But don’t stop there.  

Now delete all those apps that regularly entice you into overspending:

  • Clothing stores
  • Delivery food apps
  • Other retail stores.

If you feel pangs of regret, remember, you can always find those offers (and millions like them) simply by hopping online.  

Your week 4 snapshot.

Activity 7.

Unsubscribe rampage.

Bonus activity.

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