Freedom with Salary Packaging.

Beyond Bank Salary Packaging

Our CBB salary packaging cards remain one of the simplest and most beneficial ways you can save on tax as you don’t need to wait for reimbursements or collate and retain receipts.  Giving you the flexibility of spending your funds when and how you want, without worrying about the paper trail.

We offer a choice of two salary packaging cards:

Salary Packaging card.

A salary packaging card (living expenses card) allows an individual to use pre-tax income for purchases associated with everyday living such as groceries, clothes, fuel or pay for expenses like utility bills. The Class Ruling for this product has been approved and published by the ATO (CR 2016/18).

salary packaging card
meal entertainment card

Meal and Entertainment card.

A meal entertainment card allows an individual to use pre-tax income for purchases associated with food and entertainment such as dine-in meals at bistros, cafes, hotels and restaurants and pay for holiday accommodation in Australia and overseas. The Class Ruling for this product has been approved and published by the ATO (CR 2016/85).

We make salary packaging easy for employees to enjoy the benefits of tax-free shopping.


  • Easy to use hassle-free applications
  • No need to submit claims or receipts

  • Make purchases anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted

  • Access to balances and transaction history via Internet Banking or our Mobile App. Set push notifications on your Mobile App to let you know when your pay has been deposited

  • Simply Tap & Go with payWave technology (PIN may be required depending on the transaction amount).

Important rates, fees and charges.

Fees & Pricing:
Monthly fee $3.00
TEXT ME! Fee $0.26¹
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee 3% of transaction value
Replacement fee for lost, stolen, captured or damaged card $10.00
Interest rate N/A

View our Fees and Charges Guide for the full details of other transaction and service fees that may apply.

How to apply.

The first step is to contact your salary packaging provider, Community Business Bureau (CBB). Once you have completed your paperwork with them and indicated your interest in having a salary packaging card, they will provide you a link to your Beyond Bank salary packaging card application.

Who can apply?

The card is for personal use by employees who work for an eligible employer under Sections 57A and 65J of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986. These sections grant eligibility to the following employer organisations:


  • Public Benevolent Institutions (charities, etc)
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Government Departments, etc
  • Rebatable Non-for-Profit Organisations.

Tap. Pay. Done. All with your mobile wallet.

Making purchases with your Salary Packaging card is now even easier. Load your card details to your phone or other compatible devices to make fast and easy transactions, almost anywhere you shop.

Salary Packaging FAQs.

atm card Salary Packaging

Once you have both your PIN and card, you will need to activate your card(s) in one of the following ways:

• Beyond Bank branch (photo ID or Telephone Banking Passcode required)

• Beyond Bank Customer Relationship Centre – call 13 25 85 (Telephone Banking Passcode required)

Internet Banking (Internet Banking Passcode required). Select “Card Services” > “Activate Card”

Once the card is activated, the PIN can be changed. Only the cardholder can change the PIN. Here are ways you can change the PIN:

Internet Banking (Internet Banking Passcode required) – Log on, then select Services > Card Management (the card must be activated before the PIN can be changed) 

• Beyond Bank branch – (Photo ID required)

• Beyond Bank Customer Relationship Centre (Telephone Banking Passcode required) - call 13 25 85 and request a new PIN be posted to you.

1 TEXT ME! Fees are not inclusive of 2nd factor secure SMS authentication messages. For more details, view our Fees and Charges Guide.

Salary Packaging terms and conditions.


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