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Yes. There are different levels of authority within business banking:

  • Full Access – allows members to view, create, update (edit), approve and submit a batch.
  • View Only – will disable batch access in business banking. Members will be able to only view existing batches and not perform any functions in business banking.
  • Create and Update – allows members to view, create, update (edit) a batch but not approve, delete or submit.
  • Create, Update and Approve – allows members to view, create, update (edit), delete and approve a batch, but not submit a batch.

This can define relationships and allows members to assign business banking authority controls based on account relationships. For example, “Full Access” for company directors and “Create and Update” for accountants/finance departments etc…

Yes. Uploaded Cemtex batches can simply be re-run and only failed transactions will be processed and posted. Please click Update against the Cemtex batch and click Process. If all the transactions have processed successfully, you will not have the option to update and re process the batch – to reprocess, you will need to upload a new Cemtex file for processing.

Yes, but only manual batches. Simply select the batch ellipsis (those 3 dots to the right of the word PAYMENTS) then Process. If you need to make any adjustments to the batch before resubmitting, select the ellipsis then View/Edit. Once you have made the required changes, select the ellipsis then Process.

Yes. A batch can be created for an amount greater than the business banking daily limit and transactions within the batch will only be processed until the daily limit is reached.

The system will notify the member that the daily limit has been reached, however, they will have to manually resubmit the batch to process the remaining transactions.

If your business makes recurring payments, instalments or periodic transactions, you can keep things simple, and save time with Batch Processing.

Batch Processing allows you to process multiple transactions at one time.

Payments can be processed straight away, or you can schedule them for the future.

You can create a batch, under ‘Transfer and Pay’, and ‘Business Banking’.

Watch the video and learn how to easily process a batch transfer payment for your business through Beyond Bank Internet Banking.


Watch the video and learn how to easily process a batch transfer  payment (two signing authorities required) for your business through Beyond Bank Internet Banking.

If your membership requires two signatories, you can still use Batch Processing.

Create a batch as normal.

Then, when it comes to processing the batch, use the options menu to ‘Approve’ it.

You’ll see the status change from “New” to “Awaiting Approval”.

When a second signatory with full access signs in, the batch status will show “Needs Your Approval”. Under the options menu, they can then ‘Process’ the batch.

They’ll select a payment date, and request an SMS code.

Once they’ve entered their SMS code, they can go ahead and ‘Process’ the batch.

The batch is then scheduled for processing.

If you’d like to receive notification of your Batch Payments, we’ll send you two emails.

We’ll send you the first notification when a batch is submitted for processing.

Then we’ll send you the second notification when the batch has been processed.

Watch the video and learn how to turn on and off email notifications for batch payments.



If you use accounting software like MYOB, or Xero, you can generate a Batch Payment File from inside your accounts. You can then upload the file you’ve generated, to our Internet Banking platform, and use it to create a new ‘Batch’.

Watch the video and learn how to process a Batch Payment with accounting software through Internet Banking.


Beyond Bank is proud to partner with Integrapay, who is a payment solutions provider that enables businesses to accept recurring and one-off payments from bank accounts or credit / debit cards via Direct Debit, online / ecommerce and mobile apps. They offer an all-in-one solution that includes a merchant facility and can be integrated into your software.

We partnered with Integrapay as we see them to be quite the ‘payments powerhouse’, and believe their solution will provide our Business and Community customers a competitive and comprehensive suite of payment solutions which they can tailor to their needs. 

The Payments Console is an online portal that is a certified secure website, providing clients with access to manage their customer’s details and payment information. From the Console, you can view:

  • Transactions, settlements and upcoming payments
  • Communications – processing reports, rejection reports
  • Payers – your customers’ accounts, contact and payment details, schedule and status (Active / Suspended / Cancelled)

A standard merchant account is a merchant ID which is set up to be quite generic. For example, the narration on a transaction listings/statements would not show a business name, and would display something basic such as ‘bank credit’

A premium merchant account is a merchant ID which has their own transaction description (their business name), and this will show on any transaction listings/statements.

A Direct Debit is where a person (Payer) authorises a business to withdraw funds from their bank or card account. Typically used for recurring or subscription payments such as gym memberships and utility bills, they usually occur at set intervals, but may be for varying sums of money.

Direct Debit helps to improve cash flow by giving you control over when and how often you are paid. It removes the need for you to continually chase customers for payment and allows your customers to ‘set and forget’ their bill payments, avoiding missed or late payments and associated dishonour fees.

A Direct Debit Request (DDR) is your authorisation to debit your customer’s account. An eDDR is the electronic version of the DDR. An eDDR enables you to sign customers up on the go via a tablet, smartphone or website. The customer is automatically set up within IntegraPay’s Console, eliminating the need for paper copies or manual data entry. eDDRs can include your logo and branding, along with terms and conditions specific to your service offering. You can automatically send a copy to your customer upon completion.

Our flexible application programing interfaces (API’s) allow you to seamlessly integrate payment processing from a variety of platforms including websites, apps, billing and CRM software for one-off, recurring or batch processing. We give you everything you need to accept credit / debit card payments from your customers, while you retain complete control of your brand and customer experience.

IntegraPay is a Xero Add-on Partner that enables payment of Xero online invoices. Customers can make payments straight from their invoice via the ‘Pay Now’ button, by bank account or credit / debit card. They can also sign-up for repeating invoices to be paid automatically (Direct Debit). All payments are automatically recorded and reconciled in Xero.

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For the security of your accounts, Internet Banking no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions.

As you may know, Microsoft recently made the decision to discontinue its support of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). This leaves users exposed to potential security risks. As a result, Beyond Bank's Internet Banking will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions. Going forward, Beyond Bank will support Internet Explorer 9 or later to ensure the security of your accounts.

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