Salary Packaging

If you have requested for a salary packaging or meal entertainment card, your employer/salary packaging provider with provide you with a link to complete your card application form. If you have not received the email please contact your employer/salary packaging provider.

The verification passcode is something you create. A 4-8 digit non sequential or repetitive numeric passcode is required to perform transactions, or make enquiries over the telephone, on any account of which you are the owner.

It is also referred to as ‘telephone banking passcode’. It may also be required when performing transactions/queries in a branch where insufficient identification is available. We recommend you choose a numeric passcode that would be difficult for anyone else to guess.

A password 8-16 characters long is required to access your Internet Banking. You can use our internet banking service to review your Salary Packaging and/or Meal Entertainment card balances and transaction history.

We recommend you choose a password that would be difficult for anyone else to guess. A good idea is to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

To enhance security, we have enabled certain sections of the internet banking site to require a second level of authentication. Please ensure when you first log into Internet Banking you register for secure SMS.

This requires you to enter your mobile number to receive a secure text message with a unique code. The code must be entered into the space provided on the Internet Banking home page (there is no charge for the text with the unique code). Please note for security reasons the code on the SMS will only be valid for 60 seconds, so have your mobile phone in hand prior to requesting it.

Please contact the Beyond Bank Customer Relationship Centre on 13 25 85, or by visiting a Beyond Bank branch to update your personal details. You will be required to provide evidence of the name change for this request to be actioned as per standard procedures. The documentation required as evidence will vary depending on the reason for the change of name.

Once you have both your PIN and card, you will need to activate your card(s) in one of the following ways:

  • Internet Banking (Internet Banking Passcode required). Select “Card Services” > “Activate Card”
  • Mobile App (Mobile App PIN required). Settings > Cards > Select card > Activate Card
  • Beyond Bank branch (photo ID or Telephone Banking Passcode required)
  • Beyond Bank Customer Relationship Centre – call 13 25 85 (Telephone Banking Passcode required)


Once the card is activated, the PIN can be changed. Only the cardholder can change the PIN. Here are ways you can change the PIN:

Internet Banking (Internet Banking Passcode required) – Log on, then select Services > Card Management (the card must be activated before the PIN can be changed) 

Mobile App (Mobile App PIN required). Settings > Cards > Select card > Change PIN

• Beyond Bank branch – (Photo ID required) Can request a new PIN be posted to you.

• Beyond Bank Customer Relationship Centre (Telephone Banking Passcode required) - call 13 25 85 and request a new PIN be posted to you.

Only the card holder can request a new PIN. Here are the options to obtain a new PIN:

Mobile App (Mobile App PIN required). Settings > Cards > Select card > Change PIN

Internet Banking (Internet Passcode Required) – Log on then select Services > Card Management

• Beyond Bank Customer Relationship Centre (Telephone Banking Passcode required) - call 13 25 85 and request a new PIN be posted to you.

• Beyond Bank branch – (Photo ID required) Can request a new PIN be posted to you.

Always use your 16 digit card number when making a payment to a third party using your Beyond Bank Salary Packaging Visa card. If a third party can’t accept a payment via this method then you will need to contact your salary packaging provider to make other arrangements for this payment to be made on your behalf. Always select the Credit option or use payWave when making a purchase to ensure your transaction is approved. 

Unfortunately, Bill Pay Facilities are not available via Internet Banking. However, you are able to use your Beyond Bank Salary Packaging card to pay your bills via the merchant’s website.  For example, to pay a Telstra bill you will need to visit the Telstra website to make the payment.

If your Visa Card is lost or stolen, or if you believe your PIN has become known to someone else, it’s important to tell us immediately.

• During business hours, call Beyond Bank on 13 25 85 or visit your nearest branch.

Mobile App (Mobile App PIN required). Settings > Cards > Select card > Lost or stolen card

• After hours, call the Beyond Bank 24 Hour Card Hotline on 1800 648 027

• If you are overseas, call the reverse charge Visa International 24 Hour Hotline on +61 2 8299 9101

• If you have Internet Banking you can update the status of the card to Lost or Stolen in “Card Services” > “Update Card Status”

It is important you call us on 13 25 85 so we can order you a new card.

Beyond Bank are governed by the “Visa International Operating Regulations”. If you believe you have been charged for goods or services you have not authorised, it is fraud.

You will need to complete a Visa Transaction Dispute Form. These are available at any Beyond Bank branch or by calling the Customer Relationship Centre on 13 25 85. It may take up to 45 days for them to complete their investigation.  Further information regarding the process is provided in the Beyond Bank Product Guide.

There are several reasons why your card may be declined:

• Insufficient funds

• You have not activated your card

• The merchant channel has been blocked as it is not approved by your salary packaging provider

• The merchant has not been categorised correctly by their bank

• You are selecting the ‘SAV’ or ‘CHQ’ option rather than the ‘CR’ option.

To use the Account Information Line, simply follow these steps:

• Call 13 14 02

• Enter your membership number (bottom left of card) followed by the # key • Enter your Telephone Banking Passcode followed by the # key

• After access has been granted: Press * at any time to advance to the main menu

• The overseas number for Account Information Line is +61 8 8274 4522

Mobile banking enhances the online banking experience by providing access via your smartphone or tablet and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To access Mobile Banking, simply download the Beyond Bank App which is available for iPad, iPhone and Android phones. With Mobile Banking you can:

• View accounts, including transaction listing 

• Establish and manage specific Push Notification Alerts

A membership number and your Verification Passcode you provided on your Beyond Bank's application form. Please note Beyond Bank have strict identity verification requirements to protect our members and will not be able to identify you using your Salary Packaging and/or Meal Entertainment card numbers, furthermore you cannot provide your internet banking passcode as a form of identification.

The additional cardholders will need to have internet banking access. Once they have the access they can view accounts where they have been nominated as an additional cardholder. In internet banking they can:

• Log on with their own membership number

• Change their contact details

• Set up alerts, e.g. SMS balance alerts

• Access statements Overall additional cardholders can perform most functions apart from transact on the account. They also cannot open further products, apply for loans, etc. using their membership number. 

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