Need to transfer money overseas or receive an international payment? We are here to help to answer your travel banking related questions.

At Beyond Bank we’re committed to being as open and accessible as possible. As a result, there’s a range of different ways you can get in contact with us.

  • Contact Centre: +61 8 7201 2400 between 8am to 8pm weekdays or between 9am to 3pm Saturdays (Central Standard Time) (excluding public holidays)
  • Account Information Line: +61 8 7201 2407
  • Secure Email: Log on to your Internet Banking and select ‘Messages’ followed by ‘Secure Messages’ to compose a new message

Travel Insurance assistance.
Phone: 1800 011 060.

Lost or stolen cards (24/7 hotlines).

          +61 1800 098 231

Overseas ATM locator.
Visa Debit card/ rediCARD ATM Locator: 
MasterCard ATM Locator:

To transfer money to someone overseas you will need the following information;

  • Transfer amount and required currency
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary address (full street address is mandatory)
  • Bank sort code/SWIFT address/chips/routing number
  • Beneficiary account number
  • IBAN (this is mandatory for transfers sent to the United Kingdom or European Union)
  • Bank name
  • Full bank address (full street address is mandatory)
  • Any special instructions

To process your payment through Internet Banking, simply select ‘Transfer/Pay’ from the main menu, followed by ‘International Transfer’.

The default daily limit for this service is $5,000AUD. This limit can be increased to a maximum limit of $10,050, simply contact us on 13 25 85 or visit aone of our branches.

You might also receive a call from one of our Customer Service Representatives if information is incorrect or missing for verification purposes.

We currently offer an incoming payment service through Western Union. This service allows the sending bank to transfer the funds as a domestic transfer, from their account to a local Western Union account.

To arrange your payment you can complete the online form. This form will provide you with the payment details, and a print friendly copy of the transfer instructions for the sending bank

Your incoming payment will take approximately 3 business days to credit your account, and will be available to you immediately.

Alternatively, you can provide the following details to receive payments through SWIFT; 

Bank name:  Beyond Bank
Bank address: 100 Waymouth St Adelaide SA 5000
Branch No: 325-185
Account No:  BSB (325-185) followed by your Account Number
Account Name:  Your name
IBAN(optional): BSB (325-185) followed by your Account Number

An incoming international payment incurs a fee of $8.00 through SWIFT. Please also be aware that third-party fees may be charged by intermediary financial institutions.

Your incoming international payment will usually take 4 - 5 business days to credit your account and will be available to you immediately. It can take up to 10 days in total.



You can provide the following details for a SWIFT transfer.

Bank name:  Beyond Bank
Bank address: 100 Waymouth St Adelaide SA 5000
Branch No: 325-185 
Account No:  BSB (325-185) followed by your Account Number
Account Name:  Your name
IBAN(optional): BSB (325-185) followed by your Account Number

An incoming international payment incurs a fee of $8.00. Please also be aware that third party fees may be charged by intermediary financial institutions.


Payments processed via Internet Banking are now fee free. For payments processed by our Customer Relationship Centre or local branch, the cost will be $25.00 if sent in the foreign amount or $55.00 if sent in Australian Dollars.

Please also be aware that third party fees may be charged by intermediary financial institutions for both outgoing in coming transfers.


It’s a good idea to take more than one means of accessing your money with you, rather than just relying on one. For example, besides having a Visa Debit card or a Credit card, it’s worthwhile taking a Cash Passport or foreign currency as well so that if your card is stolen or lost, you won’t be left without access to cash.

Remember that it can take a few days to arrange these before you go, so it’s best not to leave getting them to the last minute.

You will want to have enough money for your whole trip, so it’s a good idea to keep track of how much you spend and how much you have left. You can do this easily by setting up Telephone, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking before you leave.

If you already have these services, make sure you know your passwords.  If you’ve forgotten them, get in touch with us and we can easily have them reset.

Thanks to InternetMobile and Telephone Banking, you can view your account information from anywhere in the world.

It’s important to note that, as with any internet transaction, when using Internet Banking it pays to use a secure connection. Internet cafés may pose a risk as computers can contain viruses and other malicious software that can capture your personal banking details. For extra security, you will need to be registered for our Second Tier Authentication to perform some functions.

We offer two forms of Second Tier Authentication. Get in contact with us to work out which will best suit your needs while you’re overseas.

With Beyond Bank, you can access your money anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re paying bills or doing your banking or shopping, we have a range of easy access options that give you flexibility and convenience while you’re overseas.

CashPassport Platinum is a prepaid travel money card designed specifically for travel. The card allows you to store up to eleven currencies on a single card. Lock in your exchange rate in Euros, Great British Pounds, United States Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Thai Baht, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollars, Singapore Dollars and United Arab Emirates dirham. CashPassport Platinum allows you to withdraw local currency at over one million ATMs. 

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • 24 hours Global Emergency Assistance for lost or stolen cards or emergency funds
  • An optional second card for back up is available
  • Peace of mind, knowing your card is not linked to your savings account
  • Easy access to card balances, ATM location information and PIN change options
  • No age restriction and
  • Simple fund recharging via Internet/Telephone  Banking through BPAY® by using the following details (allow 48 hours for processing):

Biller Code: 184416
Customer Reference number: your 16 digit card number.

  • Also, ask about 3 months of Free Global Wi-Fi Access.

Once you’re home from your trip you can keep the card for next time, withdraw the funds from an ATM or contact us to transfer the remaining balance into your savings account.

Yes, you can. When you make an overseas purchase on your Visa Debit card, the transaction is converted into Australian Dollars and calculated at a wholesale market rate.

Transactions are subject to a conversion fee and may incur transaction fees. For more information about the applicable fees, refer to our Fees and Charges booklet or feel free to contact us before you leave. 

It’s important to note that many countries have now fully migrated to using secure chip and PIN technology. In some countries a transaction performed with a chip enabled card cannot be completed with a signature, only a PIN. As a result, we strongly recommend that if you do not know your PIN, you request one prior to travelling overseas.

You can withdraw cash from overseas ATMs just as you do in Australia. Transaction amounts and balances will be given in the local currency, however not all ATMs will provide a balance and some may have a lower withdrawal limit.

Visa Debit cards and rediCARDs are restricted to the standard daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to AU$1,500 per card. We advise that you confirm your current overseas authorisation limit with your nearest branch or phone us on 13 25 85 before leaving.

A foreign currency conversion fee is charged on each transaction performed overseas.

A Cash Advance Fee is also payable on each overseas ATM withdrawal. It is always a good idea to contact your nearest branch or phone us on 13 25 85 to advise us of the dates and countries you will be travelling to or do it through the mobile app.

This will allow us to make sure that our fraud monitoring systems can better protect your funds whilst you are travelling.

You can use Telephone Banking from overseas by calling:

Contact Centre: +61 8 7201 2400 between 8am to 8pm weekdays or between 9am to 3pm Saturdays (Central Standard Time) (excluding public holidays)

Account Information Line: +61 8 7201 2407

By calling them you will be able to:

  • Check account balances
  • Listen to your last 10 transactions
  • Make BPAY® payments
  • Transfer funds between your accounts or to another account with us.

Options available include advertising fees, expense reimbursement, financial services, legal services, medical reimbursement, payroll, processing, trade related services, transaction between banks, transportation costs, travel related services personal and ‘other’. Please select the most suitable description related to your payment.

If unsure, select ‘Other’ and provide a detailed payment purpose for sending the funds, e.g. sending money for nephew’s school fees, birthday gift for sister etc. Providing a detailed purpose of payment will avoid any unnecessary delay in the transferring of funds.

You will not be able to send funds in AUD via Internet or Mobile Banking. AUD can only be sent through the branch or call centre. However, the preference is to send in the foreign currency as you risk the following if sent in AUD:

  • the exchange rate at which the funds will be converted is unknown, therefore possible to the beneficiary will receive an amount less than if funds were converted to the desired currency in branch
  • the funds being rejected if the beneficiary does not hold an AUD account
  • additional fees for processing the local currency
  • longer processing times for the funds to reach beneficiary due to payment being routed through banks that accept AUD

We take the online security of your money very seriously. That’s why we use the latest systems and technology to ensure your savings are safe with us. We combine 128-bit encryption and sophisticated firewalls with 2-tier authentication (secure SMS) to offer the highest online protection for your money and information.

If you are going to be travelling overseas and are not going to have roaming turned on, we recommend using Mobile phone VIP Access. This relies on your mobile phone having web access, or you can use an app on your smartphone, to create a secure passcode using an online application (once downloaded it no longer requires access to the internet), Once you’ve entered your VIP Security Token passcode, you will have full access to all areas of Internet Banking, including our Secure Messaging service. 

Get  Mobile phone VIP Access here.


We are currently unable to repurchase foreign currency if you have recently been overseas, to protect the health and safety of our staff.

We can repurchase foreign currency in the event you have had to cancel upcoming overseas travel plans, at current exchange rates

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